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Homemaker Kamaljit Kaur earns Rs. 20 lac a month through Kimmu’s Kitchen’s pure, fresh Bilona ghee

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Homemaker Kamaljit Kaur earns Rs. 20 lac a month through Kimmu’s Kitchen’s pure, fresh Bilona ghee

Kimmu’s Kitchen earns Rs 20 lakh monthly and ships thousands of bottles of ghee. Here’s the amazing story of Kamaljit Kaur a homemaker who runs the company.

Kamaljit Kaur (51), a homemaker from Mumbra, Thane, states, “It took me a long time to recover after surviving a very serious bout of COVID-19 in March 2020.”

Kamaljit grew up in a small village in Ludhiana and had access to fresh milk. She says her family always had a consistent supply of ghee, and other milk products because of the fresh milk. The freshness of the milk was something Kamaljit really missed when she went to Mumbai.

So, at the age of 50, being able to become an entrepreneur has been a really emotional experience for her and the rest of the family.

Kamaljit Kaur adds, “I don’t recall being unwell as a youngster because I just ate fresh milk, butter, ghee, and veggies.” Things changed after I got married and relocated to Mumbai.

Kimmu’s Kitchen specialises in farm-fresh ghee that has no additives, preservatives, and chemicals. The company debuted in December 2020, following nearly three months of market research.

It is produced using the ancient Bilona process, which Kamaljit learned at her village in Ludhiana.

She says, ghee was always prepared fresh at home, wherever she has lived.

It was the desire to share the taste I grew up with to Mumbai that sparked the idea for a business.

While there are several methods for manufacturing ghee, Kamaljit and her family use a method known as Bilona.

The majority of ghee offered in stores is produced with butter or cream, but Kamaljit says only curd is used to make Bilona ghee. Kimmu’s Kitchen uses buffalo milk to manufacture the ghee.

Harpreet, who is also the Consultant Chief Technology Officer at Kimmu’s Kitchen, explains how the entire firm was built up, saying, “We came from a family of farmers, and while the infrastructure was in place, we wanted to make some tweaks to fit our own business needs.”

To get this business up and running, we installed more buffaloes and changed the existing stove, among other things, to make it compatible with making ghee. We spent close to Rs 8 lakh on this setup.

The primary facility where all the ghee is produced is located in the village of Ludhiana. The ghee is then transported to Mumbai for packaging and distribution.

Kimmu’s Kitchen now generates Rs 20 lakh in monthly sales and ships out over 4,500 bottles of Bilona ghee.

The ghee bottles are available in three sizes: 220 ml, 500 ml, and 1 litre. The 220 ml bottle costs Rs 399, and the price rises with the quantity ordered.

Kamaljit Kaur says a percentage of the earnings is used to provide service, whether it is feeding people at gurudwaras or any other type of service.

Harpreet continues, “Until recently, we were just exporting within India, but only a few weeks ago, we received an order to send to Poland! We couldn’t be happier for mom.”


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