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Kangana Ranaut slams this fellow celebrity yet again, sparks controversy

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In an old video, actress Kangana Ranaut can be heard telling director Karan Johar that she is “not interested in working with him” after he made a remark about the “movie mafia.” This was shared by Kangana on her social-media Instagram story. Kangana posted a video in which Karan Johar’s remark can be heard. 

The previous several years have seen a lot of remarks between Kangana and Karan. Priyanka Chopra recently claimed that politics and a lack of casting were forcing her into a corner in the entertainment industry during an interview with Dax Shepherd for his podcast Armchair Expert. She thus chose to take a break from politics since she needed one.

A fresh dispute has erupted once more. Kangana thanks Chacha Chowdhary (Karan Johar) for the small favours he did for her to help her succeed as a producer and director in the footage that accompanies it.

Kangana Ranaut, an actress He was referred to as a “movie mafia” by Kangana Ranaut on Karan Johar’s talk programme “Koffee With Karan.” Karan discussed Kangana in 2017 at a gathering at the London School of Economics. 

We are not a “movie mafia,” according to Karan, because they have no interest in collaborating with her. He asserted that they are acting in their own interests by not cooperating with her.

This footage is from an interview when Kangana requested that Karan Johar see his films and consider her skills because he must have assumed that she was searching for employment.

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