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India’s Gas Dream: Iran May Extend Sub-sea Pipeline From Oman To India

India might soon use a pipeline to get inexpensive gas from Iran. Iran, the top gas producer in the world, has given signs that it would soon think about extending an underwater natural gas pipeline from Oman to India. Mehdi Safary, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for economic relations, made the declaration.

Iran is already constructing a natural gas pipeline to the Middle Eastern nation of Oman, according to Safaree, who spoke during a meeting at the MVIRDC World Trade Centre in Mumbai. This pipeline may be extended by Iran to Porbandar in India.

According to a statement from the MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai, Safari was in Mumbai to promote “Iran Expo 2023,” which will take place in Tehran from May 7 to 10, this year, as well as trade and investment in 11 key areas. 

India has continued to do business according to its own interests notwithstanding the sanctions the US and other Western nations have placed on Russia. Similar to this, India is one of Iran’s top five trading partners despite economic sanctions. He said that in 2022, our exports to India had surged by 60%. In the past two months, it has grown by 90%. This indicates that other commodities are also seeing an increase in trading along with crude oil.

Iran has stated its commitment to supplying India’s expanding energy demands. According to the deputy foreign minister, one of the goals of his trip to India was to promote the Chabahar port in southern Iran so that via it, markets in Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus (the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea) could be reached.


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