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Kangana Ranaut Stands with Raveena Tandon Post Road Rage Controversy

An audience is said to have attacked Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon and her driver recently on Carter Road in Mumbai due to claims that she drove recklessly. Raveena got out of her car to address the crowd as things became more heated, but she claims to have been hit and shoved. The actress was falsely accused on multiple occasions of being intoxicated when her vehicle struck an elderly woman. A day following the event, actor Kangana Ranaut offered her support to Raveena. Kangana described the situation as “absolutely alarming” on her Instagram Stories, denouncing the “road rage outbursts” and stating that “those people must be reprimanded.” “What happened to Raveena Tandon ji, is absolutely alarming; she would have been lynched had there been five or six more people in the opposing group,” Kangana tweeted.

The incident involving Raveena Tandon ji is quite concerning; if there had been five or six more members of the opposing group, she would have been lynched. Such outbreaks of road rage are unacceptable, and the individuals responsible should face consequences. Such harsh and nasty behavior cannot be tolerated.

Raveena’s car did not crash with anyone, the police discovered. Another man alleged that Raveena had abused his mother in a social media video. He claimed that the event took place when he was strolling by the actor’s residence with his mother, sister, and niece.

The event’s specifics were clarified in a statement released by the Mumbai Police. They verified that, contrary to what the complainants claimed, Raveena Tandon was not intoxicated. As stated by Zone 9 Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Rajtilak Roshan, “The complainant made a fake allegation in the purported video. When this family was crossing the same lane, the actress’s driver was reversing the automobile from the road into the society, according to the whole CCTV tape of the society that we viewed. An argument broke out between them after the family pulled over and ordered the driver to look behind the vehicle before reversing.

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