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Astrological gems by Kapish Anand

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The majority of Indians have an inclination towards astrology and they prefer to consult their astrologer, especially before taking any important decision. Many times astrologers advise their clients to wear certain gemstones but due to lack of knowledge, people buy gems which don’t give them any benefit as they have been treated and heated. For astrological purposes, the gemstones need to be pure and genuine and for the same, it is very important that the gemstones are bought only from those who provide proof of the authenticity of the gemstones sold by them.

New Delhi-based Kapish Anand is certainly one of the best Gemologist who also deal only in non-treated, pure and natural gems which are highly effective for astrological purposes. The company purchases gems only from their reliable contacts and then these gems are tested by certified gemologists before being made available for sale to customers. What makes Kapish Anand more trustworthy than other gemstones sellers is that they provide a disclosure certificate of the gem, whether you purchase a low-cost diamond or a highly expensive gem, certifying the authenticity and purity of the gem. There is one more aspect about which customers need to be very careful and that is related to the laboratories which certify the authenticity of the gem. There are many laboratories that provide fake certificates as per their deal with the gemstones seller so a customer must be sure that he is getting his gem certified at a laboratory which provides absolutely correct results.

Kapish Anand is associated with Ratnakar Gem Testing Laboratory which is a 33-year-old ISO Certified Gem Testing facility because of which a client can be sure of the fact that the certificate he will get is authentic. Kapish Anand also conforms to the GIA standards and is very proud of being associated with the leading jewelers of the country; however the good news is that now they are open to serve all those who wish to purchase gems from them.

Kapish Anand is a highly qualified businessman who is in this industry for the last 16 years and has been instrumental in ending the search of Indian public for pure and genuine gems. Kapish Anand possesses qualifications such as AJP, GG, Pearl Graduate and Advanced treatments for Ruby Sapphire & Emeralds from Gemological Institute Of America and in order to enhance his skills related to his profession, he pursued the course of jewellery designing and development from the highly esteemed National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT-Delhi) in the year 2009. This certainly helped Kapish Anand in taking his company to the next level and set some very high standards in terms of quality, service and technological advancement which are very difficult to match for any other gems seller in the country. Kapish Anand is also an alumnus of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade which has developed his insight about export management.

He has also been certified by the leading gemologist institutes of both India and USA which has helped his firm in becoming the most trusted name in the business and has resulted in customer loyalty as well.

Kapish Anand also has a website (www.kapishanand.com) where clients can not only view products but they can also obtain comprehensive information about the company and get their doubts cleared, if any.

Now you know from where you should purchase gems because only natural and pure gems will truly serve you the astrological benefits, so if you want complete value for money, contact Kapish Anand Jewellery at 9871223224.

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