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Karachi Health Emergency:Karachi in Crisis as Life-Saving Drugs, Including Insulin

According to research, Karachi, Pakistan, is now experiencing a significant scarcity of necessary medications, such as immunizations, medications for managing diabetes, medications for epilepsy, and life-saving treatments.

Patients and the general public are extremely concerned about the scarcity since life-saving medications are now more expensive on the illegal market.  The Drug Regulatory Authority also began a campaign last month to combat a fictitious scarcity of necessary medications. But in spite of their efforts, the illicit trade in necessary medications persisted.

The health officials also accelerated the plan to get additional medications back into pharmacies and started the registration procedure for new, life-saving medications.  Another medication that contains a unique recipe has also been registered in the interim. Authorities have begun a nationwide campaign against medication profiteering, with the direction of acting Health Minister Nadeem Jan.

Important actions were taken against persons selling medications beyond the authorized pricing during the Lahore operation. Indications of the illegal offering of Heparin injections, life-saving medications, and treatments for cancer, epilepsy, tuberculosis, and other disorders at prices greater than those approved by the government were discovered during the operation.

Furthermore, according to the spokesman, Tegeral, an epilepsy medication, was being marketed for Pakistani rupees (PKR) 1300 to 1400 instead of the authorized PKR 260 per box.

Rivotril was retailing for PKR 700 to PKR 800, more than the authorized price of PKR 267 per box, while Heparin injection, which was initially marketed at PKR 975, was being sold for PKR 1500 to 3000. Additionally, instead of the required PKR 400, rivotril 2mg was being offered for PKR 800 to PKR 1000.

In the same direction, Zenax 1mg was priced at PKR 4000, far more than the sanctioned PKR 502, while Zenax 0.5mg was being offered for PKR 1400 instead of the authorized PKR 279. The Ultrawest box was being offered for PKR 6,500, even though it was supposed to cost PKR 3418.

The health minister went on to say that the DRAP task team will deal decisively with those who are profiting. “The task force of DRAP will take full action against the profiteers,” he stated.

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