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Know how a fruit seller’s son built Rs. 300 crore Naturals Ice Cream

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Naturals Ice Cream is among the 10 best Indian ice cream brands. Here’s the amazing story of its founder, Raghunandan Kamath, whose father was a fruit seller.

Raghunandan Kamath is an Indian businessman who founded Naturals Ice Cream in 1984. He was a poor student who was born in Karnataka. He was the seventh kid in a family of seven.

His father was a street fruit vendor, and he grew up with them.

Raghunandan Kamath was expelled twice for failing the 10th grade. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him  because he had to work at his family restaurant, which was operated by his elder brothers. No one accepted or believed his ideas because he was the youngest of his siblings, and when the brothers broke up, each began to work independently, leaving Kamath with Rs. 3.5 lakh as a capital. He started his first business in JUHU in 1984. (MUMBAI)

Prior to 1984, his family maintained a restaurant in Mumbai, but after the partition, Kamath founded Natural Ice Cream.

Juhu is recognized as a premium business area due to its popularity among business leaders and celebrities, which is why he chose to build his store there. Initially, he marketed five kinds of ice cream with Pav Bhaji (sitaphal, chocolate, coconut, muskmelon, and malai) since he thought it would be a great mix of hot and cold.

Surprisingly, he had a great response from the people, and gradually, a large number of vehicles could be seen in front of his companies, alongside the Bollywood celebrities. His father was a street fruit vendor, so the hit makes sense.

As a youngster, he learned how to select the best-flavored fruit from a variety by selling fruit with his father. His mother was a housewife who specialized in mixing things. His mother taught him how to blend ingredients to make them taste delicious.

He also had his own family restaurant, which also served ice cream. He picked an ice cream store for all of these reasons.

Customers may select from over 130 distinct homemade ice cream flavors. They maintain control over their manufacturing units and product supply, which sets them apart from the competitors. They launch their company in a high-end area. When it comes to ice cream quality, they don’t skimp.

Naturals is one of the top ten Indian brands, according to a KPMG assessment. There are already 135 naturals stores in India. They claimed the highest yearly turnover of Rs. 300 crores since its inception in 2020.

Their future is bright because they have a man sitting behind them who will definitely propel them to new heights. SOME OF


Customers may choose from over 130 different flavors of handcrafted ice cream. They retain control of their production units and product supply, which distinguishes them from their competition. They open their business in a high-end location. They do not cut corners when it comes to ice cream quality.

According to a KPMG study report, Naturals is among the top ten Indian brands. In India, there are now 135 naturals outlets. In 2020, they claimed the greatest yearly turnover of Rs. 300 crores since its foundation. Their future is bright because there is a man sitting behind them who will undoubtedly take it to new heights.

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