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Know how Babblebots.ai helps businesses hire faster with new technology

Founded in 2022, Babblebots.ai is a recruitment platform powered by GPT-3 and Speech AI. It has come out of stealth mode and raised undisclosed funding.

After a year of development and testing with early design partners, Mumbai-based Babblebots has emerged from secret mode. Babblebots.ai, founded in 2022 by Roli Gupta, is a recruitment and talent acquisition platform that employs ‘AI-Recruiters’ to interview and assess candidates for both technical and non-technical positions using speech technology, conversational intelligence, and proprietary AI algorithms.

It is driven by the neural network GPT-3 (the same technology that powers the ChatGPT chatbot) and Speech AI. AI-Recruiters is a completely conversational speech bot meant to converse with job seekers, answer their questions, and assess their communication, technical, and analytical abilities. Clients of Babblebots include major organisations, SMEs, and startups from a variety of industries.

Roli launched her first business in 2015. HR teams and recruiting managers may save time by sending a customised interview link to many candidates through email and WhatsApp using the Babblebots platform. Candidates can speak with the AI-Recruiter without booking an interview to address their concerns about the position and organisation. The AI-Recruiter at Babblebot.ai also assesses the candidate on many characteristics like as confidence, English competence, technical evaluations, and so on.

Candidates who have been shortlisted can then be invited for in-person interviews. The goal of AI-Recruiters is to examine essential parts of traditional CV-based screening that are missing using near-human intelligent speech interactions, decreasing human bias and standardising the interview process. Customers save time since half of the interviews are held outside of business hours and on weekends, enhancing the efficiency of talent acquisition teams and reducing the employee recruiting process.

This is one of the reasons the business says its clients close bets in three days rather than 30. The firm spent a year developing its solution to ensure that candidates enjoy a near-human experience while dealing with AI-Recruiters. The new funding will be used to fund product-led development and the expansion of the startup’s technical moat around speech, AI, and vertical ML for recruiting and people engagement use cases.

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