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Know how Carvaa Travelers turned their love for travel into big business

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Do you want to start a great adventure? We chatted with the owners of Carvaa Travelers, a caravan rental startup, about how they converted their passion for travel into a profitable business.

In 2018, four pals in their twenties — writer Jigyasu Joshi, photographer Himanshu Jangid, software engineer Yogesh Kumar, and banker Pranav Sharma — were planning their next vacation together. They hadn’t seen each other in eight years, and this time they intended to go above and above with their vacation plans. Carvaa Travelers, a caravan rental business that creates unique travels and experiences for individuals all across India, is the outcome of that jump. 

fueled by a desire to travel

Jigyasu says, “Someone informed us about the caravan experience, and being the adventurers that we were, we decided to make one for ourselves. We thought a DIY would be extremely amazing.”

Jigyasu explains how the group was previously planning on hiring a caravan but were shocked by the astronomical fees most firms demanded and the hole it would burn in their finances.

This is when they came up with the concept of introducing caravan travel to India, which would have the advantage of being both affordable and providing people with an opportunity for experiencing travel. 

Himanshu explains, “Caravanning is something that grows on you. One may not like it at first, but they will come to like it since it provides them a feeling of liberation and the opportunity to choose a less travelled path. Traveling in a caravan combines comfort and adventure.”

In 2019, the group purchased base automobiles and began altering them. This was the beginning of Carvaa Travelers. While Jigyasu and Yogesh left their full-time employment to pursue this new endeavour full-time, the other two are active in operations while continuing to work in their respective professional roles.

Carvaa Travelers caravans

The pals began with two automobiles and quickly increased the number to five. As their company began to take shape, they couldn’t contain their excitement about this new enterprise. But then the coronavirus epidemic hit. What they thought would be a setback turned out to be a game changer. 

Jigyasu explains, “It was a surprise at first because travel was out of the question for many of us. But just when we believed the business was over, it occurred to us that this was the perfect selling point.”

He says, “People were exploring the internet for secure travel, physical distance, travelling in a bubble away from crowds….and here were the caravans that were, by definition, all of these things.” People gravitated towards this new and distinctive mode of transportation faster than they anticipated. It also had a thrill factor because individuals had heard about their friends and family caravanning in other areas of the world and now had the opportunity to do it themselves.

In addition to renting vans, the crew alters and customises cars based on the needs of its clients. You may bring them your car, and they will work with you to create the ideal travel experience, complete with the amenities you choose. A car that seats three people may be leased for Rs 5,500 per day, a vehicle that seats five people can be rented for Rs 7,500 per day, and a vehicle that seats eight people can be booked for Rs 9,500 per day. The rental price includes the driver’s fee and GST. Travelers are responsible for gasoline, state taxes, and tolls.

From the beginning, the group was clear that the caravans would include a kitchenette with china and silverware, an LPG cylinder with an exhaust system to minimise leaks, and a two-burner stove, as well as a washroom. Traveling in a caravan and being on the go might raise questions about how possible it is to have a washroom without it being a messy event. According to them, there must be a balance between practicality and environmental friendliness.

Jigyasu explains, “We chose against using chemical toilets since the chemicals destroy the land when the trash is placed in it. Instead, we employ a water-saving bathroom concept. The waste is dumped in the grey tank below, and when the tank reaches a particular level, the driver drives into a dumping area and pulls the lever. After that, the garbage is disposed away. Nobody gets their hands soiled!”

However, he emphasizes the need of keeping windows closed during the dumping process if you know what’s good for you.

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