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Know how CSS Founder has helped small business’ digitization via website design

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CSS Founder uses website design to assist small companies get digital. The firm, which was founded in 2016, offers website design and development services with a strong emphasis on quality. It has so far built almost 12,000 websites.

Amity University alumnus Imaran Khan discovered that there was no significant Indian website designer brand that catered to the demands of small businesses. In 2014, he founded Css Founder, named after the stylesheet language used to create website displays.  The Noida-based firm develops and builds websites, integrating high-level UI/UX designs with online solutions targeted to the needs of all businesses—startups, SMEs, and huge corporations.

Imaran, a serial entrepreneur, founded the educational web Edhole.com in 2011 to provide students with free study materials. However, it took him two years to get the necessary results, revealing a gap in the fragmented industry that presented him with a great opportunity.

According to Founder and CEO Imaran, “the largest hurdle was that small website design businesses had difficulty with timely delivery and the quality of their goods due to the lack of a famous brand in the website design sector.”

To fill these gaps, he founded CSS Founder with the goal of being a one-stop shop for all things related to website design.

“We are now focused on becoming the website building destination for all sorts of businesses, and that is our primary and exclusive service,” he says.

Essentially, the entire company strategy is automated, and leads are created through everyday questions from potential consumers who find them on the internet. Almost 90% of its leads are generated organically through Google results, with the remaining 10% coming from referrals.

It operates on a project-by-project basis and offers clients the option of an annual maintenance contract (AMC), which requires clients to sign a contract with the company in order to create a website.  Later, the platform narrows its attention to the needs and deliverables.

He elaborates, “AMC is an after-sales service that a client might choose if they are happy with the deliverables.

The AMC is a long-term website renewal contract that indicates that we will renew the client’s website, establishing a long-term recurrent connection that promotes word of mouth for our company.” The firm claims that AMC and website renewal services account for 90% of its revenue. It also has AMC contracts with firms including Samsung C&T and Vigilance Hair Studio.

The startup’s primary focus is on quality, ensuring that the website is responsive, has an SSL certificate (for secure communication), is bug-free, lag-free, and loads quickly.  It also prioritizes aesthetics, with PHP Core, JavaScript, and CSS serving as key components. To prevent website hacking, the company creates safe code and regularly analyzes websites.

In the case of a security breach, the team vows to repair the problem within hours. To mention a few, CSS has worked with Hello Healthy, Tumble Dry, Gohoarding, Nicheshoe, Global Policy Insights, and Savin Communications.

CSS Founder’s fees range from Rs 10,000 to lakhs, depending on the demands and requirements, as well as the customisations needed.  The AMC charge is 30% of the overall website cost.

“However, our pricing are the most inexpensive in the business since we genuinely think that everyone should be able to afford a website,” Imaran explains.

Web design businesses in India include Acodez, TISIndia, K2BIndia, Axis Web Art, and Web Destiny, to mention a few.

“Our fundamental competency is only in website design,” Imaran argues The firm was initially bootstrapped by the founder, who invested Rs 70,000-80,000 of their money.

The startup has built over 12,000 webpages since its debut. It produced Rs 2 crore in income in FY21, and Rs 4 crore in FY22, representing a 200% increase.  It is also present in Dubai, where it has created over 500 websites. The region contributes to its annual revenue of Rs 60 lakh. The team now includes more than 50 members.

Insights into the market

According to the tech websites Slowin and Techjury, there will be around 200 million active websites in 2022, and the web design and development services market will employ over 75,000 people. India’s website design business is increasing at a pace of 23% to 25% each year.

For the next three years, CSS Founder has big intentions.

Imaran says, “We want to establish a monopoly in this business that is not authoritarian, but rather a benchmark for quality and on-time delivery.”

The business hopes to generate Rs 12 crore in income by next year and Rs 100 crore in the following years. In the following year, it intends to enroll approximately 1,200 clients.

It also intends to grow its staff to 400 people in the near future. It intends to build roughly 10,000 websites every year, with the goal of reaching one lakh by 2024.

“We endeavor to create safe, secure, and customized websites that are up and running in accordance with industry trends.”

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