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Male health tech startup  Bonatra raises Rs.5.5 crore to expand

A men’s wellness doctor-led IoMT startup (Internet of Medical Things), Bonatra, has raised funding of  Rs.5.5 crore. The company will use the money to expand by enhancing technology and product offerings, building the team and growing the customer base.

Bonatra, a business focused on men’s health and fitness, has secured 5.5 crores in a pre-seed round backed by ITI Growth Opportunities Fund.

ITI Growth Opportunities Fund is a venture capital fund in its early stages. Jitendra Jagadev, creator of Nestaway and Helloworld, and Rajesh Yabaji, founder of Blackbuck, both participated in the fundraising.

Bonatra was created in March 2022 by Rahul Kishore Singh (CEO), Manjari Chandra (CMO), Ramanpreet Singh (COO), and Amit Acharya (CTO) to treat chronic conditions in males. It is India’s only doctor-led IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) comprehensive health stack solution.

“As a result of dietary changes and sedentary lifestyles, the incidence of lifestyle problems in men of all ages has grown during the last decade.”

“We developed Bonatra with the intention of empowering men to take proactive actions to avoid, manage, and reverse a variety of health concerns,” stated Rahul Kishore Singh, CEO and co-founder of Bonatra.

According to the National Health Mission, noncommunicable illnesses account for 60% of all fatalities in the country.

Diabetes, thyroid illness, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are only a few examples.

According to Bonatra, the incidence of cardio-metabolic disorders in males has climbed significantly in recent years, and the risk factors remain high.

The onset of andropause, commonly known as male menopause, is accompanied by mood fluctuations, muscle loss, libido decrease, and energy reduction.

Young men frequently experience libido loss, weariness, sleeplessness, receding hairlines, low muscle mass, depression, recurrent infections, and joint aches. According to the firm, most chronic illnesses are controllable via prevention and early identification.

It provides customized, targeted lifestyle, dietary, and physical therapies to help men regulate their hormones.

This involves addressing early andropause, resolving gut dysbiosis (abnormalities in gut microorganisms), and lowering heavy metal toxicity in the body.

According to the firm, it has serviced over 1000 customers and collaborates with over 400 physicians across India.

“Bonatra is a one-of-a-kind combination of medical research, data science, and technology.”

Since its start in March, Bonatra has shown amazing growth, and it is clear that they are filling a significant unmet need in the healthcare market.

Mohit Gulati, managing partner of ITI Growth Opportunities Fund, said, “The brand is poised for tremendous future development and has the potential to become a category leader.”

According to the firm, the cash will be used to enhance technology and product offerings, strengthen the workforce, and grow the client base.


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