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Know how Google suffered $100 billion loss thanks to AI Bard

For a long time, Google has dominated the search engine business. Someone has endangered the firm after many years. Microsoft capitalised on this opportunity by launching the new Bing search engine using ChatGPT. Google introduced Bard to compete with Microsoft and ChatGPT, but the business lost this battle.

To compete with ChatGPT, Google has also introduced its AI-powered chatbot Bard. This Google chatbot is built on LaMDA, a long-standing project at the business. It appears that the corporation rushed the debut of Bard, and the company has had to suffer the weight of it.

The shares of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, fell dramatically on Wednesday, February 8. The cause of the deterioration is being blamed on Bard. According to sources, Google’s parent firm lost $ 100 billion (about Rs 8,250 billion) following the debut of Bard. The company’s market worth has dropped by $ 100 billion.

This is due to incorrect information in Google’s promotional film. On Wednesday, Alphabet shares plummeted 9% in the US market. According to reports, a bug was detected in Google’s promotional movie, causing the company’s stock to plummet dramatically.

Google’s AI chatbot Bard was released this week. A question was posed to Bard in the advertising film. The issue was, ‘What should a 9-year-old youngster be informed about the recent James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) discovery?’

AI Bard responds that JWST is used to photograph planets outside the Milky Way. Bard’s response is inaccurate.

Actually, the James Webb Space Telescope is employed to study the universe’s history. Its job is separated into four sections, and it is also known as the Hubble Telescope’s successor.

Google launched Bard, which would compete with Microsoft and Open AI’s ChatGPT, but provided little details about it. The corporation has not stated when or how its chatbot would be integrated into the primary system.

Google gave their presentation on Wednesday, but it was short on information. Simultaneously, Microsoft unveiled a new Bing search engine that incorporates ChatGPT.

Although the waitlist show is still going on, Microsoft has given Google a run for its money by dealing with Open AI at the appropriate moment. Only time will tell how long the corporation can maintain its advantage in this game. However, Google is finally experiencing a threat to its throne.

ChatGPT was created by Open AI. This is a chatbot with conversational artificial intelligence. In other words, this chatbot responds to your inquiries in a conversational fashion. This chatbot has recently earned a great deal of popularity. Seeing this, Microsoft joined forces with Open AI, and the two collaborated.

Microsoft has introduced Bing in conjunction with ChatGPT. Open AI, on the other hand, has made ChatGPT a subscription-based service. By the way, consumers may download its free version, although it may have a number of issues.

In such a case, consumers will flock to Microsoft Bing to take advantage of the free service. Microsoft will be able to compete with Google in the search industry this way.

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