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Know how HR platform LEDex can enhance your business opportunity

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We live in a time where we are more inundated with data and its interpretation. LEDex has
experience adapting to insightful data and delivering innovative and imaginative solutions.

A future platform that can enhance your business opportunity, LEDex, understands the significance of
all events, big or small.

Kumar Rishabh co-founded LEDex (learn, engage, and design) in the year 2019, along with Sadhna
Saxena, who is now CEO and MD of the company. Rishabh has been assigned the responsibility of
handling compensation and benefits for the Americas area, and the person previously in charge of the
American region has departed the organization. So Rishabh was all alone in the water, according to him.

Rishabh said, “When I was scrolling through LinkedIn and noticed a lady who was attempting to create a
community of Alumni members who had completed their MBA in the same college, I thought probably I
can replicate the same idea because of the problem that I was facing right now, There could be others
who might be facing the same issues as well.”

He continued, “They may be fresh to their organization and will face challenges because there is no one
to mentor them. As a result, I posted on LinkedIn, and I had a great reaction from there. We began with
one WhatsApp group and have since expanded to 11 WhatsApp groups, with members from over 700
organizations and approximately 1600 people from 21 countries.”

Rishabh added, “We address challenges on a worldwide scale. And we see the challenges from a new
angle. This is LEDex’s unique selling point.”

As a result, this program has now gone worldwide. LEDex also has a LinkedIn page, a website, and a
YouTube channel. As a result, maintaining group member participation is critical. LEDex conducts a
variety of learning-based programs to keep people engaged.
Choose specific themes and invite knowledgeable experts from reputable markets. You may always go
back and watch recorded sessions that are saved in the repository. LEDex continues to conduct
customized surveys based on the needs of the group members.

Rishab says, “The unique selling point of LEDex is that group members receive real-time answers to their
inquiries. We intended to launch a service for small businesses to outsource their pay functions.”

LEDex has only lately begun team-building exercises. They make certain that we communicate with one
another. Their team communicates with one another on a weekly basis to plan the future roadmap.

An actual office space is planned for the future. Second, we intend to begin offline and physical events in
Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Gurgaon. They were previously working electronically, but we will
now meet face to face and in person.

Because of the group members’ high expectations, the customer experience has been fantastic.

Rishab says, “We are offering services in accordance with expectations, but we are always improving
since we are also learning to develop and learn in tandem.”

The reaction was fantastic; the most difficult task was keeping the members involved; if they are
receiving a learning curve by joining this group, that is what they will receive; continue to support this
LEDex project.

“My credo and advise to another entrepreneur would be to stay focused on the fundamentals. Do your
homework before diving into something. Funding will come later, but you must have a plan in place to
go to where you want to go. Patience and conviction are almost always necessary,” Rishabh stated.

LEDex offers the following services:

Compensation tasks inside an organization are outsourced.
Human Resource Advisory
Market for HR Recruitment

What Makes LEDex Special?

LEDex’s primary selling point is that it offers all services at extremely low and subsidized prices. LEDex
delivers free reports that are often paid for in the market. That is why compensation professionals from
all around the world want to join the LEDex community.

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