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Know how IntrCity SmartBus is enhancing bus traveler’s experience

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IntrCity SmartBus, a smart bus reservation platform located in Noida, seeks to enhance the client experience. The company was started by Kapil Raizada and Manish Rathi, who once worked on RailYatri, a travel website that enables users to purchase rail tickets.

Over the years, participants in the bus aggregation market have attempted to make sense of a disorganised landscape, with most platforms concentrating on making ticket purchasing simpler. IntrCity SmartBus, a Noida-based platform for booking smart buses, goes above and beyond by enhancing the total client experience.

The creators of IntrCity, Kapil Raizada and Manish Rathi, did not start their entrepreneurial experience with the creation of IntrCity. They collaborated on RailYatri, a travel website that enables users to purchase rail tickets, in 2012.

According to IntrCity SmartBus co-founder Kapil Raizada, “At first, we thought that the major issue with rail travel was that passengers were having trouble finding a seat on the trains they wanted to use. The main reason we created the RailYatri app was to assist users in finding trains with seats.”

After leaving their prior jobs, Kapil and Manish began their entrepreneurial career with this issue statement.

In 2013, the pair released the RailYatri app, and from 2014 to 2017, the business concentrated on selling rail tickets.

“After finding a solution, the RailYatri team realised it could add one more tool to deal with the waiting list issue—show consumers the available bus tickets for the routes they have planned to go. We attempted to sell bus tickets to train passengers who were on the queue but discovered it was difficult,”,  he added.

He further said that some people would even put off their travel plans rather than use the bus. Additional study revealed that most travellers lacked confidence in buses, particularly when it came to factors like sanitization and safety.

The business created its own solution—IntrCity SmartBus—in 2019 as a result of this finding.

Kapil said, “We have developed a full stack technology platform that supervises and regulates all bus operations, including the cleanliness, hygienic conditions, route, and speed of the buses. To make sure that some of the fundamental promises of travel, such as safety, dependability, and punctuality, are consistently met, we have invested in training the IntrCity SmartBus crew and have built a telematics connected plus platform where they get a lot of data about the vehicle throughout the journey.”

IntrCity SmartBus uses GPS and telematics to create a more reliable experience. Additionally, there are restrooms and call centres on IntrCity SmartBus.

Over 250 buses are being run by IntrCity SmartBus in 750 Indian towns. The company is now operationally profitable.

Kapil claims that IntrCity SmartBus expanded two times last year and would increase three times this year, with just an annualised run rate of more than $50 million. The firm expects to experience a 15X to 20X rise in sales during the following three years.

“We’ve already collected data for seven to eight months. So, based on the trend line, I am rather certain that we will have revenue increase of roughly 300% every year,” according to Kapil.

The business predicts that by the end of 2022, intercity transportation will surpass the pre-COVID level of 50 million daily travellers.

After establishing a foothold, Kapil says, “we are now essentially focusing on trying to see how we can expand and make the product available to more people in more places while enhancing the experience by introducing additional tools.”

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