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Know how mobile libraries are promoting comfortable reading in India

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A library on wheels, often known as a mobile library, is significantly helpful for people who love to read books. This article shows how mobile libraries are promoting comfortable reading in India.

A library on wheels, often known as a mobile library, is a fantastic modern trend. Less well-known, yet it has a significant influence on readers who are looking for a library nearby but cannot locate one. So a library on wheels, such as a truck, van, or tram, is made available to them.

When did it all start?

One such movement occurred in 2016, when a couple named Satabdi Mishra and Akshaya Kumar Rautaray developed a truck-mounted mobile library with 4,000 volumes. They planned to travel for 90 days and 10,000 kilometers through 20 states.

What was its function?

The goal of this campaign was to promote literacy and reading among the people of the country.  They used to come to a standstill in public spaces, such as public parks or parking lots, so that they might approach the library without difficulty.

The general public could easily go up to the library and there would be no payment. This library provided free access to reading materials. If someone wishes to purchase a book, they will receive a 20% discount. The truck was overflowing with a wide range of genres, from fairy tales to thrillers to current best-sellers. This was not the only case of a mobile library.

Here’s a list of a few more Mobile Libraries in several states of India:

  • Maharashtra –

Another example of a mobile library is the ‘Let’s Read India’ project, which was founded in Maharashtra by a group of IT experts and engineers. Their goal is to get this screen-addicted youth to turn pages instead of scrolling, and they also aim to educate and civilize folks.

They have over 10 lakh books in their library. This library now visits sites throughout Maharashtra, with the goal of initially covering one state and subsequently spreading boundaries to other states.

  • Calcutta-

Children’s Day 2020 was a memorable one in this city, as the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) and Apeejay Anand Children’s Library presented its young readers with a one-of-a-kind, Young Reader’s Tramcar, which is a moving tram filled with a range of books from all genres.

  • Chennai –

Gopi Sampath has been involved with books since 2001, when he launched bookworms, a library that appealed to many local readers. Later, when it was transferred, his loyal readers were depleted since they couldn’t find a source to meet their book needs.

Sampath, too, felt void, so he summoned a van and presented its readers with a van full with books on their doorsteps.

He has nearly 3,000 publications to his name. His van is now joined to a café, an initiative of his son’s to provide a greater treat to the readers. Stories Library Cafe is the name of this mobile library. Many more individuals are adopting such noble causes, such as the habit of reading, among others. The screen-obsessed generation must be exposed to the joys of reading. These activities should be widely embraced and promoted since they make reading more convenient by delivering it to your

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