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Know how mukunda Foods is revolutionizing the food industry with its Robot Chefs

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Mukunda Foods is a Bengaluru-based kitchen automation and robotics firm founded by two classmates, Eshwar K Vikas and SudeepSabat. These advances have resulted in the standardisation of 14 recipes.

A robotics and automated kitchen enterprise in Bengaluru has mastered delectable meals while standardising quality.

Mukunda Foods, a kitchen automation and robotics firm, was founded in 2009 by classmates Eshwar K Vikas and SudeepSabat.

Eshwar would visit all of the city’s popular and unusual culinary establishments while studying engineering in Chennai. Sudeep, his roommate from Odisha, also appreciated the South Indian food, particularly the dosa.

They envisioned establishing a restaurant business that provides South Indian food all over the world based on their common love of fine food. Nevertheless, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), which opened in 2013, had difficulties such as inconsistency in its outlets, which impacted its client base. That’s when the pair realised the value of kitchen automation. As a result, Mukunda Foods transitioned from a QSR to a food automation firm in 2014.

It took the firm four years to develop its first product, Dosamatic, which manufactures crispy golden brown dosas from scratch without the need of any outside ingredients. All you have to do is press a button.

The machine has a capacity of 50 dosas per hour. It prepares numerous dosas at once and cleans itself. Thus far, the business has supplied over 1,000 computers to a diverse client base in 22 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as the RashtrapatiBhavan and the INS Jyoti naval ship.

As the dosamatic machine gained popularity among clients, mostly B2Bs, the team began receiving requests for more machines to create samosas, momos, gravies, french fries, burgers, and other items.

Mukunda Foods has produced three further machines: Wokie, an automatic wok used for Chinese food, Indian and Thai gravies; Rico, an automatic rice, noodle, and pasta maker; and Eco-fryer, which uses less oil to fry french fries, momos, samosas, and burger patties.

Another addition to the list is the E-pan, which aids in the regeneration of frozen, pan-baked, fresh foods such as flatbreads, kebabs, and patties with their original flavour.

Together with 150 full-time staff, the firm has also hired Ramchander Raman as co-founder and RakeshPatil as CTO. Several Android applications are given for the clients’ convenience in order to generate new recipes, remotely monitor equipment, and request services.

These devices cost between Rs 40,000 and Rs 2,000,000. Every quarter, the business ships around 350 machines.

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