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Know how Resolute.Ai  is reimagining wellbeing thru precision healthcare

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Resolute.Ai is a digital wellness platform with the goal of providing precision healthcare services. This startup is establishing an OYO-style healthtech network.

Healthcare services are reactive, reacting only when an issue emerges, and even then, patients are sometimes left in the dark about other factors that might impact long-term health, such as diet or sleep.

Resolute, a Bengaluru-based software business, is redefining healthcare by focusing on individualised care. The startup assists individuals in living better lifestyles by accompanying them on their health journeys at every step of the way. The platform also assists customers in preventing lifestyle-related issues through regular monitoring.

Srinivasa Vivek, a technologist turned entrepreneur, established Ai, his third healthcare firm.

This Delhi-based business is establishing an OYO-style healthtech network with 300+ facilities in 16 locations.

Prior to the 2022 launch of Resolute.Ai, Srinivasa launched Pytheos Health Systems in 2016 as an evidence-based health-tech platform focused on prevention, wellness, and treatment. Pytheos’ other trademarks include MyDiagnostics.in, which provides diagnostic services, and HumanFractal. Ai helps healthcare organisations with technological solutions.

Srinivasa entered the healthcare market after his corporate job at technology firms helped him comprehend the industry’s inadequacies.

What distinguishes Resolute.

Is AI unique?

The traditional approach to healthcare is reactive, with people seeing a doctor or a hospital when they notice symptoms. Ai wishes to alter this method in order to ensure that folks embark on a healthy path.

“Traditional prevention is done either due to risks or perception,” Srinivasa explains, “but human health is dynamic and requires continual supervision.”

Resolute.Ai operates on the premise of frequent monitoring, in which its digital platform interacts with users to collect health information in the form of “longitudinal” data. This allows the platform to deliver accurate diagnosis, a preventative cycle, and course correction measures.

“Think of us as a companion platform where we can give a hyper-personalized wellness experience,” Srinivasa adds.

Resolute.Ai has developed many stacks to address various lifestyle difficulties such as sleep disorders, stress management, flexibility, and diet, among others, and users can follow these directions to get a more meaningful conclusion.

Resolute.Ai has already produced over 400 stacks that give various types of health literacy, according to Srinivasa. The digital platform of Resolute.Ai steps in when an individual becomes ill or sick under this concept. The individual is then worked with by a team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, health coaches, and therapists to enhance the clinical outcome. Individual needs are met by bringing in an expert.

Members of Resolute.Active Ai’s Care subscription receive unlimited concierge, nurse, and GP visits, customised intelligence checks for family members, on-demand consultation with specialists, and a linked home care package.

“We call ourselves a digital health system with precision wellness and active care,” Srinivasa explains.

Resolute.Ai also offers packages including over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to assist clients in dealing with typical ailments such as fever, colds, and even hangovers. Resolute.Ai’s core customer base are residences and corporations. It presently has roughly 40,000 users, the majority of which are from the home sector. Resolute.Ai is currently seeking at corporate partnerships through various packages.

According to Srinivasa, the majority of its consumers start with diagnostics and then go on to subscription packages. Its healthcare packages are available on a six- and 12-month subscription basis, with prices beginning at Rs 4999.’

Resolute.Ai intends to attain a million customers as part of its future objectives. According to Srinivasa, Resolute, the firm has worldwide aspirations. The strategy used by Ai can be duplicated in several markets across the world.

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