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Know how risk of heart attack is increasing with bitter cold

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The bitter cold has increased the risk of heart attack for heart patients. As winter is increasing, the cases of heart patients and heart attacks are also increasing. Doctors have advised heart patients to be careful. But why does this happen? Why does cold affect the heart? See what experts say.

Growing cold has an effect on the heart, so it is important to take special care of your heart in winter. Winter season is good for health but heart patients are more likely to get heart attack in this season. According to an estimate, the risk of heart attack in winter increases by about 53 percent more than in the summer season. That’s why there is a need to take special care in your diet and routine these days.

arm or jaw pain is not normal

It is not necessary that heart attack comes with chest pain all the time. There are many other symptoms, which are often taken lightly by people, such as if the pain in the shoulders or hands many times we understand that it may have happened due to sleeping wrongly, it is not. Sometimes pain in the shoulders and arms as well as pain in the waist, jaw or throat are also symptoms of a heart attack. Often people do not understand these symptoms, many times they go to the dentist thinking that the toothache is due to cold. However, these symptoms are not found in diabetic patients. Even during these symptoms of heart attack, it is beneficial to give Disprin tablet to the patient as soon as possible. This does not allow blood to clot. It also starts the process of dissolving the blood clot.

The risk of heart disease is higher in the winter season

The risk of heart attack increases in the winter season. The cold stimulates the sympathetic system of our body, due to which the blood flow to the heart increases significantly, as well as the heartbeat increases. This puts pressure on the heart to work more, which increases the risk of heart attack. That’s why it is important not to go for early morning walk in extreme cold. It is better to wear warm clothes and exercise only when there is little sunlight.

Keep sugar under control along with cholesterol

Often people think that taking only fat-rich food increases the risk of heart disease, but recent research has shown that more carbohydrates than fat-rich food, i.e. food containing more sugar, is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Big reason. Therefore, by controlling the amount of sugar carbohydrates in the diet, you can be safe from heart related diseases.

Recognize the symptoms of heart attack. Be alert for any chest pain, excessive sweating or breathlessness. Heart disease patients should keep emergency medicine such as nitrate placed under the tongue with them and use it immediately as needed.

In winter, people usually eat more food at the same time, due to which the pressure on the heart increases a lot. It is better that we eat at regular intervals and in small quantities.

Use proper warm clothes. Protect yourself from the cold, stay mostly indoors. Bathing with cold water early in the morning can be dangerous for the heart. So take bath with lukewarm water.

Recognize the symptoms of heart attack. Be alert for any chest pain, excessive sweating or breathlessness. Heart disease patients should keep emergency medicine with them and use it immediately as needed.

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