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Know how this teen duo turn tires into fab footwear; help cobblers earn

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A fashionable footwear startup Tyron was founded by Divya Sijwali and Parth Puri of New Delhi. This friend’s pair makes tires into footwear using a recycling approach; here’s how they do it.

Tyron is a firm founded by a teenager friend’s duo from New Delhi that sells footwear made from recycled tires. Tyron was created by Divya Sijwali and Parth Puri, both 17-year-old, in April 2021.

Sijwali bemoaned to Parth over the phone one day that while there are numerous shoe and slipper options for special occasions, there isn’t much available for everyday use. As a result, they decided to launch a range of comfortable footwear that could be worn on a regular basis while recycling.

They picked tires as their primary material not just to save money, but also to demonstrate that they were contributing to society.

They start by travelling to waste yards to obtain tyre materials to recycle, particularly in Ghaziabad, where tyres are cheap.

They are then severed – wires and spikes are removed, and just the parts that are useful to them are taken.

Following that, they display possible footwear designs to their cobblers’ channel. The cobblers submit ideas and expand on them until they arrive at a final design, at which time they start working. Cobblers in Tyron are given a base pay of Rs 1,000 per month. And they earn a portion of the profits we make based on the orders they fill.

This is critical since several cobblers had lost their employment and were coming home when the lockdown began. Within the first two months, all five cobblers with whom they worked had left the profession for low-wage labor jobs. They do, however, provide incentives to continue with Tyron.

Tyres are not simply a low-cost material; they also represent sustainability and recycling. Because there were so many tyres at these disposal yards, they discovered that they were being burnt, sending harmful and poisonous gases into the atmosphere.When such debris ends up in the ocean, it constitutes a major source of microplastics, which damages marine biodiversity.

By reducing this sort of trash and upcycling tyres, they are developing a new way of thinking about waste. So far, the two adolescent friends’ business has been entirely self-funded. Despite this, the partnership has had a number of notable successes through their enterprise and recycling process. The first was taking part in Season 3 of ENpower’s India’s Future Tycoons.

They studied the ins and outs of running a business, received excellent advise on how to establish and run a business, and were granted a cash reward of Rs 15,000 throughout their stay.

They signed up for the World Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge in April, which would allow them to represent India on a worldwide scale through their enterprise. When they were competing, they had some excellent ideas. They sat there in their two pairs of slippers, afraid.

However, the couple received a $5,000 prize, which has helped to fuel their expanding firm.

Despite the difficulty of the assignment, participation in the competition taught them the importance of attempting new things and putting themselves out there. It taught them that the greatest danger in life is not taking one.

The most challenging challenge they encounter is time management. They devote roughly three hours every day to their business, recycling tires and setting weekly targets for themselves.

Tyron has been profitable since March of this year, selling footwear for anywhere between Rs 600 and Rs 1,200, with the money going to the cobblers, back into the business, and as profit. The company now has eight styles, and they intend to expand in the future by devising new recycling strategies.

For the time being, they sell through their website and ship to India as well as the United States and South Africa in large quantities.

They’re also thinking about selling on Amazon and Myntra, two of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world.

Aside from growing their product range to include wallets and other lifestyle products, the young entrepreneurs aim to expand their product line beyond tyres and explore other materials.


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