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Know why AI-Powered, automated customer service is the future of business

Preventing customer service issues might dramatically lower customer abandonment rates. Find out why AI-Powered, automated customer service is the future of business

Automation is prevalent these days, allowing consumers to handle anything from ordering pizza to checking bags at the airport to booking a hotel room to making a doctor’s appointment. The customer service sector is no different.

Technological advancements continue to revolutionize customer service relationships. Experts predict that by 2020, more than 85 percent of all customer transactions will be handled without the need of a human representative.

And, with AI today, sophisticated inquiries provided to your human agents are no longer a hassle.

Create a virtual assistant that allows your staff to easily search internal databases for answers, removing the need to go through several sources.

Here are five reasons why artificial intelligence-enhanced customer service is the future of call centers:

1. Proactive activity

The capacity to anticipate and handle customer service difficulties has enormous potential. Virtual assistants will be able to forecast what your consumers want in the future by analyzing how people engage with your business.

It has the potential to drastically reduce customer desertion rates during the purchase cycle while also lowering customer complaints and enhancing consumer satisfaction.

AI-enabled systems can monitor a virtually endless quantity of website and in-app activity for distress signs, recognizing consumers who are having problems and the nature of those problems. The technology may provide real-time help via FAQs or virtual service agents across platforms and devices.

2. The proliferation of texting apps

Messaging services are a completely new channel for businesses to communicate with current and prospective consumers. Businesses may now generate new revenue streams by integrating real-time, personalized customer support bots into chat apps. This space is already being used by the airline, garment, and tourist businesses. It will only be a matter of time until the rest of the industry catch up.

3. They just need to be trained once

A call center service agent typically costs $4000 to hire and another $4,800 or more to train. Automation solutions can provide significant time and cost benefits in this area. AI enables you to equip your agents with the resources they require to be successful, reducing turnover. Instead than retraining a complete workforce, simplyreconfigure the software, and most of it can be automated.

4. Constantly available customer service

Time zones and public holidays have no bearing on automated customer assistance. This enables firms to provide always-on customer assistance and handle issues as they emerge. This implies that clients may get their questions answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rather than having to wait hours or even days for a response. This has a significant impact on customer happiness and attrition. It also demonstrates a company’s commitment to customer service, which is important for brand reputation and trust.

5. Dependable service, wherever clients want it

Customer service enabled by AI technology gives a degree of dependability that human equivalents cannot equal. Chatbots are devoid of various flaws and prejudices that might degrade a consumer relationship. According to a recent Zendesk research, 42 percent of B2C consumers purchased more after a positive customer care experience, whereas 52 percent stopped buying after a negative customer service encounter.


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