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Korea has got a social media influencer with 70K fans but she’s not real

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Korea has got a virtual social media influencer. There are nearly 70,000 followers of this social media influencer, who’s not real and is called Rozy.

At first look, Rozy may appear to be simply another typical social media influencer who scores excellent deals and promotes brands. Her Instagram profile, which introduces her as a 22-year-old fashionista who enjoys jogging, yoga, and touring the world, has nearly 70,000 followers.However, the social media influencer, who, according to media estimates, has over 100 sponsorship deals and is expected to earn more than 1 billion Korean Won this year, is not human.

Rozy is South Korea’s first virtual social media influencer. Rozy, an avatar made by Sidus Studio X, is notable for his remarkable resemblance to humans.

It is hard to tell Rozy is not human by looking at images of her swimming or blowing out a candle on a cake.

She is the creation of Sidus Studio X, a content-creating, production business that specialises in advertising, animation, film, and video characters, according to Korea Net. According to the study, the CGI-generated influencer was modelled to seem like a millennial and had almost 800 facial expressions and movements collected from an actor using 3D modelling technology.

According to the parent firm, for the first three months that they controlled Rozy’s Instagram account, no one discovered that the ‘lady’ posed in the lovely photographs that received thousands of likes was not real.

Her gorgeous face, tanned physique, and style landed her over 100 sponsorship deals, and she is expected to make over 1 billion Korean Won this year.

The parent firm also stated that they have already accomplished the profit goal that they set for Rozy, and that they are now striving to improve her performance in other areas of entertainment.

Sidus Studio X CEO Baek Seung-yeop said on CBS Radio’s Kim Hyeon-News jung’s Show that Rozy has already completed two advertising this month and has signed up for eight exclusive contracts.

Other advantages of having a virtual social media influencer include the fact that Rozy does not age, does not complain about being weary after a rigorous schedule, and is not afraid of scandals.

Although K-pop artists are famous for endorsements, unsavoury incidents frequently harm influencers and the companies they promote, according to the CEO. Celebrities are occasionally yanked from dramas that they have been filming due to school violence scandals or bullying problems, he added.

Virtual humans, on the other hand, have no controversies to worry about.

Rozy stunned everyone last month when she appeared as a model for a Korean insurance company, Shinhan Life. The ad in which she appears has received over 11 million views on YouTube.

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