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Kriti Sanon Always Rocks In A Power Suit: Exploring the Sudden Resurgence Of Power Suiting In Today’s Fashion Landscape 

Kriti Sanon’s look in a power suit always stun. The Alpha female look for film “Crew” promotion displayed elegance but also signalled the resurgence of women’s suits in fashion.

In a striking display of style and confidence, Kriti Sanon recently stepped out in a striking power suit and we think the young fashionista has raised the bar way too high this time. With her killer look, Kriti sent a powerful message that the allure of a well-tailored suit for women is timeless and never going to fade.

Power suiting in women’s fashion style is always been a symbol of strength, confidence, and trendsetter. Let’s delve into how this iconic outfit choice by Kriti reflects the enduring appeal and evolution of women’s suiting in the fashion world.

The power suit is a symbol of empowerment. It’s no more associated with gender clothing notion. It was in 1980’s women suit actually gained prominence that too only restricted to corporate/Western political environments, and as a symbol of women breaking into traditionally male-dominated spaces. Today, the power suit continues to exude authority and strength, making it a statement piece for women across various industries.

Power Suiting has come a long way. With the trends evolving, from the classic silhouette of a tailored blazer and trousers, designers are experimenting the modern power suit with newer patterns, asymmetric cuts, innovative fabrics, colours, and textures. the power suit has seen a whole new change in its meaning. Today females are spotted in cropped blazers, skirts or shorts instead of pants, crop tops and smart blouses worn under the blazers etc.

Celebrity Influence: Bollywood Celebrities like Kriti Sanon, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, etc are playing a pivotal role in driving fashion trends. Designers are catering to the evolving tastes of such fashion-forward divas. The confidence and sophistication these celebs showcase in a well-fitted suit inspire fans and followers to embrace power dressing as a means of self-expression and empowerment.

Versatile Style: In the realm of fashion this iconic ensemble offers timeless appeal and versatility. It has now worn on across occasions and from day to night. These days, a proper power suit is considered a perfectly acceptable attire for a wedding, a dinner party, or even shopping. A well-crafted suit can seamlessly be transited from boardroom meetings to everyday style and functionality wear.

The most heartening aspect of this women’s power suit is its inclusivity and diversity. We can find this fashion clothing for all body types and preferences, ensuring that everyone can experience the confidence and empowerment that comes with wearing a power suit.


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