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Latest Move by Natasa Stankovic Suggests No Divorce with Hardik Pandya

When Natasa Stankovic removed Hardik Pandya’s last name from her name, everyone was taken aback. Subsequently, the Reddit article stated that the actress is desperate for a breakup because she missed all of Hardik’s IPL matches. When asked to respond to recent reports about her appearance amid her divorce, she opted to pique the curiosity of her supporters and well-wishers even further.

Furthermore, many people are wondering if Natasa and Hardik are getting back together after her most recent action. Many are asking if Natasa and Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya are going to reconcile after she restored all of their wedding photos.

Natasa restores the wedding photos on her Instagram page after preserving them all with Hardik Pandya. A Bollywood writer had made a veiled jab at celebs a few days prior for fabricating rumors of separation in order to garner media attention. He talked on how celebrities ought to move past their sudden notoriety.

Mushtaq Sheikh, a Bollywood writer, said on his Instagram profile, “Break-ups.

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