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Leafy Greens and Heart Health: Benefits of Plant-Based Diet

Eating leafy veggies like kale and spinach is good for you. They have good bacteria, minerals, and important vitamins. Dr. Mukesh Kwatra from Smiling Tree says this diet is good for the environment and treats workers fairly.

Consuming green can help reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, it can assist in weight loss by consuming less calories and having more fibre.

Including beans and tofu in your diet can promote heart health and endurance. Eating less meat can help reduce greenhouse gases and pollution from farming, among other benefits of a green diet. It promotes sustainable farming: Selecting sustainably raised foods, such as those grown in organic cultivation by utilizing leftovers and planning ahead, food waste can be reduced by choosing sustainable seafood options, we can help to preserve our oceans.

Consuming more plant-based foods saves less water compared to consuming excessive meat. Support animal and plant life by consuming plants that are grown without chemicals. According to Dr. Kwatra, consuming meat in moderation can lead to more sustainable choices. Consuming green is not only good for you, but also has environmental benefits. The world can be enhanced by making informed choices about your diet.


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