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Learn the 5 basic first aid rules on World First Aid Day 2023

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World First Aid Day 2023 is Today, September 9, this year it requires us to learn and practice first aid. The wounded individual can obtain care and return to their feet quickly with enough planning.

Anyone who may need to treat someone in an emergency should know first aid.
Following these five fundamental guidelines will help you administer first aid to an injured person:

Safety First: The wounded person’s and the first aid provider’s safety should always come first while administering first aid. Always put on protective gloves, masks, and other safety gear to avoid further injury, if the circumstance calls for it.

Evaluation: Before administering therapy, evaluate the circumstance and choose the most appropriate line of action. Seek immediate medical help if necessary after looking for any signs of life.

Hemorrhage: Constant bleeding must be stopped immediately. Direct pressure on the wound using a clean cloth or bandage. A topically applied ice pack or cold compress helps reduce pain and swelling.

Comfort: As you administer therapy, make sure the patient is comfortable. Warm them and talk calmly to keep them quiet. Make sure they’re comfortable if conscious.

Medical Assistance: Get medical assistance as quickly as possible and follow your doctor’s treatment instructions. You can prevent more harm by doing this.

These five basic concepts are essential when treating an injured person. Take a basic first aid training right immediately to prepare for emergencies. Knowing what to do might save your life.


First aid basics should be learned and practiced on a daily basis, especially on World First Aid Day. For giving emergency treatment to others, first aid knowledge is crucial. Five fundamental guidelines are as follows:

Safety First: Put both the provider’s and the wounded person’s safety first. If required, put on protective equipment.

Evaluate the circumstance: Choose the best course of action and look for life. seek medical help as soon as possible.

Hemorrhage: If bleeding develops, it should be stopped right away by pressing on the area or by using an ice pack or cold compress.

Comfort: Maintaining the person’s comfort will help them remain calm. Keep them warm and give reassurance. Make sure they are not in agony or suffering if they are conscious.

Medical Assistance: To avoid the injury from getting worse over time, get medical attention as soon as you can, and then adhere to any prescribed treatment plan.

Learning the basics of first aid is advised since being ready for emergencies may save lives.

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