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Step-by-step guide to hide & unhide posts with Instagram’s archive feature

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Instagram’s archive feature lets users temporarily erase photos and videos from their profiles. This is crucial for hiding personal stuff from followers.

Instructions for archiving and unarchiving Instagram posts:

1) View your Instagram profile on your phone.
2) Find the archived article.
3) Tap the bottom-right three-dot menu button.
4) Choose “Archive” from the menu.

Adding a previous post to your profile for followers is simple.

Unarchiving a post:
1) Open Instagram on your phone and visit your profile.
2) Tap the top-right three-line menu.
3) A pop-up menu opens; choose “Archive.”
4) Select “Posts” from the top drop-down.
5) Tap the three-dot menu on the post to unarchive.
6) In the pop-up window, choose “Show on profile”.

Unarchiving a post recovers comments and likes. This enables Instagram users modify their accounts to their liking.


Instagram’s archive feature allows users temporarily delete photographs and videos. This helps them hide personal stuff from followers. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone, choose the post you wish to archive, click the three-dot menu symbol, and select “Archive.” You may re-post it on your profile for followers anytime. Unarchive a post by launching the app, heading to your profile, clicking the three-dot menu button, selecting “Archive,” “Posts,” and “Show on profile.” Unarchiving a post recovers comments and likes. This feature enables Instagram users alter their profiles to display just their content.

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