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Legal Verification of Real Estate in India


Property Document Verification is vital step before a Bank Loan or Agreement of Sale or Lease Agreement. Due Diligence carried on the Property Documents is precaution to avoid future legal issues. Hence property document verification is a inevitable legal obligation and wise decision.

Documents required for Property Verification

  • Latest Registered Property Document
  • And all Its Link documents( Government Orders, Court orders, Pahanies, Pattedar Pass Books, and all registered documents of the Property)

Our Services

A title search will take anywhere from 24 Hrs to 72 Hrs to complete, depending on the number of documents the expert must examine, subsequently opinion is formed and report is prepared.
Property title verification is complete Property document Verification for last 30 years or more for registered immovable property and legal scrutiny of the all the documents provided pertaining to the immovable property. It is a full fledge legal opinion on the property

  • Agricultural Land Document Verification 
  • Open Plot Document Verification
  • House Document Verification
  • Commercial Property Document Verification


  • All kinds of immovable property viz., land, building, apartment, commercial properties need verification before closing transaction is complete.
  • Encumbrances Certificate, Single Search, ownership check, proper link of titles Scrutiny will enable to ascertain the ownership of the property and marketability of its Title.
  • Document Verification is unavoidable before purchasing a property and upon such verification it will put an end to all uncertainties and offers peace of mind.
  • We provide document verification all over India.

General myths associated with property verification

  1. Government and RERA approval  shall not be assumed  as a proof of a clear title of property.
  2. Encumbrance statement of property is not indication of clear title. 
  3. Huge population In the location and  registration of property by government itself will not clear the ambuity in  title of property.
  4. Bank loan and it’s verification is limited to 13 years only and rest is unchecked.
  5. Review of property document and potential litigation for every 6 months is mandatory.
  6. We also review and give written opinions about it.
  7. To secure your property from potential litigations, contact PROPERTY DOCUMENT VERIFICATION INDIA!

For more information mail on info@propertydocumentverificationindia.com or 9731125721, WhatsApp No. 8121316351

Website- www.propertydocumentverificationindia.com


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