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Little boy who is now dead told doctor not to tell his parents he had cancer!!

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A little boy, who had just six months left to live his life asked his doctor not to tell the child’s parents he had cancer. Sadly, the child, who was just 6 years old, and is now dead.

“I only have six months left, don’t tell your parents about my cancer,” a six-year-old said in a now-viral tweet published by the neurologist following his death.

The boy whose name is now changed to Manu displayed incredible composure for a boy with such a limited lifespan left, a still-stunned Dr Sudhir Kumar of Apollo Hospitals remembers in the heartbreaking January 5 tweet that has been viewed by over a million people.

When a young couple went into Dr Kumar’s crowded OPD, it was just another hectic day.

They instructed the doctor, “Manu is outside waiting. He has cancer, but we haven’t told him yet.Please see him and inform him of your therapy; do not disclose the diagnosis with him.”

 A wheelchair was brought in for Manu.  He had a smile on his face and seemed confident and educated.

Manu was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme grade 4 on the left side of his brain, which caused paralysis of his right hand and leg. He’d had surgery and was undergoing chemotherapy.

He also experienced convulsions as a result of the brain tumour.

The doctor remembered, “They were ready to depart when Manu asked his parents if he could talk to me alone.”

Quoting Manu, Dr Kumar added, “Doctor, I have read all about the sickness (cancer) on iPad and I am aware that I would only survive for six months but I haven’t shared this with my parents because they would be angry. They are really fond of me.

Please do not reveal this to them.”

The doctor was startled by this.

She says, “I collected myself. Sure, I’ll take care of what you said.’

Dr Kumar stated, “After letting Manu wait outside, I contacted his parents and asked them to talk with me. I told them the entire dialogue.”

The doctor stated that he couldn’t maintain his promise to Manu since it was critical to have the entire family on the same page on such a delicate matter.

The couple returned to visit the doctor nine months later. The doctor immediately recognised them and inquired about Manu’s health.

The parents said, “Doctor, we had a lovely time with Manu once we met you. We went with him to Disneyland since he wanted to go. He died about a month ago. Today’s visit is simply to thank you for the finest eight months of our lives.”

The doctor stated that he couldn’t maintain his promise to Manu since it was critical to let the entire family know about such a delicate matter.

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