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Meet Shrikant Adkar who won power lifting competition at the age of 78

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Shrikant Adkar has won a powerlifting tournament at the district level. During the competition, the 78-year-old Pune man lifted a 50 kg deadlift.

Our bones grow more frail as we age. As a result, older individuals frequently require assistance from others. Shrikant Adkar, of Pune, is a great example of keeping fitness even at this senior age. He has now won a district-level powerlifting competition at the age of 78. His fitness at this age even puts young people to shame, and he should serve as an inspiration to them.

On this occasion, Shrikant expressed his opinions. He stated, “I frequently engage in bodybuilding workouts. I have a powerful physique. Rajhans Mehandale of the Soman Club in Karvenagar keeps an eye on me as I conduct weightlifting exercises. He instructed me to get ready for the deadlift.”

He went on to say, “Doing deadlift at this age is difficult. The effects of ageing on the spine are also reflected in the weakening of the body’s bones. Mehandale made certain that I performed the practise correctly, and the end product is now visible to everybody. In the competition, I was able to perform a 50 kg deadlift.”

What is the key to his fitness? 

Shrikant has set a good example by accomplishing this achievement. Shrikant had already won the title of Pune Shri as well as other bodybuilding titles in his childhood. Even now, he is concerned about his fitness, and the manner he maintains it is an example to young people.

He stated that he is not hooked to anything when asked about the key to his healthy body. He claimed to have always taken good care of his health. He ate and slept at the appropriate times. He also disclosed that his father was a police officer, and as a result, everyone in the family undertook daily exercise to stay healthy, and they enjoyed it. 

He explained, “Exercise on a regular basis aided me. Even at the age of 80, you may stay active if you maintain your body healthy and exercise regularly.”

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