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Friday, April 12, 2024

Little Steps Preschool: Pioneering Excellence in Early Education

Little Steps Preschool and Activity Center was honored for its excellence in early childhood education at a grand ceremony held at the Ginger Hotel, Mumbai on January 20, 2024. Janhavi Ranjane, its dynamic MD and Center Head was awarded with a Merit Award of Excellence 2024, marking an important step on its journey toward academic excellence.

Under Janhavi Ranjane’s direction, Little Steps has quickly become a beacon of innovative early education. Their philosophy emphasizes holistic development that encompasses not just academic learning but also physical, emotional and social growth. Little Steps’ curriculum has been carefully tailored to cater to the age-specific needs of their young learners ensuring they receive an engaging experience that prepares them for future academic challenges as well as life journeys.

Mamta Lawrence Dsouza was present for the award ceremony, and applauded Little Steps’ efforts in providing young minds with an enriched environment that nurtured and fostered learning. “Little Steps’ dedication sets an excellent standard that others may follow”, Dsouza commented in her address to those present.

Little Steps’ innovative education pattern and commitment to creating an inclusive learning atmosphere have set it apart in early childhood education. Little Steps goes beyond traditional teaching methods by employing innovative strategies that encourage children to discover, explore and discover at their own pace.

Little Steps’ recognition stands as testament to their unwavering dedication and leadership in providing high-quality education, shaping young students’ futures with every small step towards brighter, bigger futures for its learners. Little Steps continues its pioneering work as it redefines early childhood education with every new initiative that continues to inspire and teach its young students.


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