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Looking Your Best: How to attend an Indian wedding in style if you are a man

Ever received that coveted Indian wedding invite and instantly broken out in a cold sweat? We’ve all been there. The vibrant celebrations, the overflowing plates, and of course, the sartorial pressure – it’s enough to make anyone want to hide behind a giant samosa. But fear not, my stylish friend! This guide will be your compass, navigating you through the dazzling world of Indian wedding attire.

Dress Code Decoded: It’s All About the Occasion

Indian weddings are like mini-festivals, spread over several days, each with its own dress code. Imagine yourself at the sangeet, the pre-wedding bash known for its infectious energy. Here, comfort is king. A breezy kurta set in silk or cotton, embroidered with intricate paisleys, will have you grooving to the dhol beat in style. Think Ranveer Singh at his best – vibrant colors and effortless elegance.

The vibe shifts for the haldi ceremony, a more intimate affair. A simple kurta pajama in a light hue is perfect for this occasion. Think of it as a laid-back family gathering, minus the disco ball (although, that could be an interesting fusion wedding idea!).

The engagement ceremony dials things up a notch. Picture yourself channeling your inner Bollywood hero. A well-tailored sherwani, a long knee-length coat, or a kurta pajama set paired with a Nehru jacket will have you looking suave. Remember, Bollywood royalty often blends tradition with a touch of modern flair. Think Shahid Kapoor’s wedding pics for some serious sherwani inspiration.

The Big Day Decisions: Grooms vs. Guests

The wedding ceremony and reception are the grand finales, and as the groom, you have the sartorial spotlight. A classic sherwani with rich embroidery or a regal achkan will make a statement that would have even Mughal emperors nodding in approval. Guests, on the other hand, have more flexibility. Sherwanis, kurta pajamas, or even a well-tailored suit are all on the table. The key is to strike a balance between looking sharp and not outshining the groom (unless it’s your own wedding, of course!).

Beyond the Threads: The Finishing Touches

Let’s talk accessories, the unsung heroes of any wedding outfit. As a groom, the safa, a traditional headgear, and a kalgi, an ornate ornament, add a touch of grandeur. Pocket squares and subtle jewelry, like a statement ring, can elevate your guest attire. Don’t forget the shoes! Opt for well-polished leather oxfords or loafers for a formal look, or brogues for a touch of personality.

Looking Your Best: It’s All in the Details

Your outfit is just one piece of the puzzle. A sharp haircut and well-groomed facial hair, be it a beard, mustache, or clean shave, will ensure you’re looking your best. Clean and trimmed nails are a must-have, and a light spritz of cologne with a pleasant fragrance will leave a lasting impression (in a good way!).

Wedding Style Wisdom: Dos and Don’ts

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to navigate the sartorial maze:


  • Ensure a perfect fit – tailoring is your best friend!
  • Match your outfit to the event’s formality.
  • Well-groomed is always a good look.
  • Accessorize thoughtfully.
  • Coordinate with the bride’s attire (especially as the groom).


  • Go too casual – remember, it’s a wedding!
  • Clash with loud or mismatched colors.
  • Forget the grooming – first impressions matter.
  • Upstage the groom with flashy attire (let him have his moment!).

The Final Takeaway: Confidence is Your Best Accessory

With this guide in your hand you’re ready to conquer the world of Indian wedding attire. But remember, the most important element is confidence. So, own your style, celebrate the occasion, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Now go forth and conquer those wedding invites with a smile (and a killer outfit)!

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