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Love makes the world go round: Amazing story of PK Mahanandia who cycled to Europe to meet his Swedish wife

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An Indian artist met his wife from Sweden after he traveled to that country on his bicycle. The journey of PK Mahanandia began on January 22, 1977, and he would ride his bicycle for around 70 kilometers each day.

In 1975, while in Delhi,  a woman from Sweden, Charlotte Von Schedvin, was introduced to  Indian artist, PK Mahanandia. Ms. Schedvin made the journey all the way from Sweden to India in order to have Mr. Mahanandia create a picture of her after she became interested in his work and took the decision to do so.

Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia has just recently begun to establish a reputation for himself in the artistic community. He attended the College of Art in Delhi but was a terrible artist overall.

During the time that Mr. Mahanandia was working on her picture, fate had it that the two of them would eventually fall in love with one another. He was smitten by her stunning appearance, but she was particularly taken with how simple he was.

The couple had already settled on the idea of getting married by the time Ms. Von Schedvin had to leave. Mr. Mahanandia mentioned this fact in a previous interview with the media. He added, “She wore a sari when she met my father for the first time.” I’m still confused as to how she was able to succeed. We wed in accordance with the customs of our people, and my grandfather and the rest of my family gave their blessings.

When it was almost time for her to leave, she urged her husband to join her and go with her. However, Ms. Mahanandia was required to complete his courses in advance. She coerced him into assuring her that he would accompany her to her house in Boras, which is located in the textile town of Sweden.

Letters were how the two stayed in touch with one another.

After a year had passed, when he decided to pay Ms. Von Schedvin a visit, he discovered that he did not have the funds to purchase an airplane ticket. He parted up all of his possessions in order to purchase a bicycle.

Over the course of the subsequent four months, he traveled through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and finally Turkey. His bike gave him trouble several times along the trip, and he even had to go several days without eating because of it. But his determination was impervious to any challenge.

On January 22, 1977, he began his quest, and each day he would ride his bicycle for around 70 kilometers (km). He said, “Art came to my rescue. I made portraits of people, and some of them gave me money, while others gave me food and shelter.”

He arrived in Europe on May 28 after traveling through Istanbul and Vienna, and from there he took a train to Gothenburg.

The ceremony of the couple’s marriage took place in Sweden. He said, “I was completely ignorant about the culture of Europe. It was all new to me, but she was there to encourage me through each stage of the process. Simply said, she is a remarkable individual.I am still in love just as I was in 1975.”

PK Mahanandia still works as an artist while the couple is now raising their two children in Sweden.

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