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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Luck shines on MP farmer who found Rs. 30 lac, 6.47 carat diamond

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An Indian farmer has again mined a high quality precious stone. The farmer has now mined a 6.47 carat diamond that is expected to make him rich beyond his dreams. 

This is not the first time that farmer, Prakash Majumdar, from the Indian state  of Madhya Pradesh, has mined a precious stone. The precious stone, that Majumdar has mined now, is a high quality diamond that will be put up for sale in the upcoming auction.  According to the private estimates, the diamond is likely to fetch around tens of lakhs of rupees in the auction. Majumdar, of Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district, said he will share the amount that he gets from the auction with his partners. He added that he had also found a precious stones five times earlier.

Majumdar has found such a stone for the sixth time in two years. The precious stone that he has mined now is a diamond that weighs 6.47 carat. Majumdar mined it in a land that he took on lease from the government.

He said that he had mined a diamond that weighed 7.44 carat in 2020. Apart from this, Majumdar had also found four other precious stones that weighed 2 to 2.5 carat during the past two years.

The 6.47 carat diamond was mined by Majumdar from a mine in Jaruapur village in the Panna district on Friday. In-charge diamond officer,  Nutan Jain,also said  that the authorities will put up the diamond for sale in the forthcoming auction, Jain added that the price will be fixed according to the government guidelines.

Authorities would auction the diamond and the amount earned will go to Majumdar after government royalties and taxes were deducted, according to officials.  

According to private estimates, the 6.47 carat diamond is expected to fetch roughly Rs 30 lakh at auction.

The amount earned from the auction will be shared by Majumdar with his four partners involved in quarrying the mine.

On Friday, Majumdar told reporters, that he and his partner received the 6.47 carat diamond. Majumdar and his partners submitted the diamond to the Government Diamond Office, he said.

Panna district is estimated to hold 12 lakh carats of diamond deposits.  Local farmers and labourers are given tiny patches of land on lease in the Panna diamond reserve area to mine diamonds and deposit them with the district mining officer.

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