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Mahesh Jogani got honored with Covid-19 warrior Award by Times Applaud for rendering exemplary service to mankind during the pandemic

Covid-19 warriors are the people who have rendered great service to humanity during the hard times of the pandemic. One such inspiring person is Mahesh Kumar Jogani.

The importance of understanding that if you want to serve God you have to serve humanity has never been felt before as much as it has been during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mahesh  Kumar Jogani, the Managing  Director of Jogani Reinforcement, has  been rendering exemplary service to mankind since start of the pandemic.

The world has suffered a lot since it was hit by the pandemic in 2020, but we should thank the One Almighty God for spreading his beneficence through men like Mahesh Kumar Jogani in these tough times.  It is because of these people, who are now called Covid-19 warriors, that the poor and needy have been able to sail through these difficult times. Mahesh Jogani has become a true Covid-19 warrior with all the contributions he has made for the poor and needy during the pandemic.

Mahesh Kumar Jogani has been serving humanity and contributing as a Corona Warrior since the lockdown was imposed after the pandemic started. The Indian government initially imposed the lockdown in March 2020 for the safety of the country’s people and to curb the pandemic .  But, when the lockdown began it was suddenly declared on television and schools and businesses were shut down immediately. Even the trains were put on a long pause, due to which the biggest problem was faced by the migrant laborers who wanted to leave Mumbai and go to their native places. Moreover, these migrant laborers didn’t even have anything to eat as even the restaurants were shut down during the lockdown.

Mahesh Kumar Jogani was deeply moved by the plight of these laborers and hence played  a key role in the food package distribution program that was started for them. He contributed a total of 980 food packages in 8 days during the program. This is a noteworthy project in which Mahesh Kumar Jogani supported migrant laborers as a Covid-19 warrior by helping to fulfill their basic need for food. 

The other project in which Mahesh Kumar Jogani made a significant contribution as a Covid-19 warrior was a program in which he donated a detox device to several old age homes. India has set a world record in the Covid-19 vaccination program. But, there was no fixed cure for any person affected by the dreadful disease, for a long time after the pandemic started. Hence, the authority made suggestions like drinking ‘Kadha’ (drink made from herbs to boost immunity as well as prevent and cure diseases).

Besides being the MD of Jogani Reinforcement, Mahesh Kumar Jogani also runs Jogani Wellness that manufactures a detox device. Many practicing naturopath have appreciated the detox device, which is extremely useful in removing toxins from the body. The device is appreciated. Patients who have become free of Covid-19 can use the device to remove toxins from their bodies and cleanse themselves completely of the disease. Under Jogani Wellness’s CSR program, Mahesh Kumar Jogani donated these detox device to many old age homes for Covid-19 patients. A total of 78 Covid-19 patients were beneficiaries of this initiative. The devices were later donated permanently to the old age homes so that residents could use and benefit from the devices whenever required.  Indian public service broadcaster, Door darshan, also recognized the contribution that Jogani Wellness made by featuring it on Prime Time News for modernization of traditional Indian Wellness Therapies.

Mahesh Jogani got honored with Covid-19 warrior Award by Times Applaud for rendering exemplary service to mankind during the pandemic

As Mahesh Kumar Jogani is also a philanthropist and Rotarian, he also made several donations to different projects. He has contributed Rs.65, 000/-for the welfare of society. Mahesh Kumar Jogani has also cumulatively arranged donations to provide ‘Kaadha’ and vitamin-kits for Covid-19 patients.

Finally an important thing to remember is prevention is better than cure. And, the importance of wearing masks cannot be overstated for the prevention of Covid-19. Hence, it is noteworthy that Mahesh Kumar Jogani has also contributed 3000 masks free to the migrant laborers to shield them from the dreadful pandemic.

All these contributions made by Mahesh Kumar Jogani make him a true Covid-19 warrior, and we need more people like him in these hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But that’s not all, as he is also involved in the Jogani Group activities for the welfare of the society, which are carried out by his companies Jogani Reinforcement, and Jogani Wellness.

Jogani Reinforcement  is a part of diversified business group that imports, manufactures and exports  technical textiles, engineering fibers, and reinforcement products. The company provides cutting-edge products and solutions to the industry and delivers its reinforcing materials to customers across the world. With its innovation and technical expertise, Jogani Reinforcement can provide the industry with superior quality products at a competitive price. Polyfiber 3S is such a concrete and construction fiber, very useful for crack control in Plaster, Concrete, RCC, PQC, PCC, Precast, FRC and other building and infrastructure work.

Jogani Wellness manufactures and exports natural wellness therapy devices designed for holistic health, healing, and wellness. The Jogani Wellness Initiative is all about campaigning for a more natural way of life in urban areas. It is dedicated to promoting historic traditional medicines for holistic health, healing, and wellness. The Jogani Wellness Initiative has updated and made available numerous traditional methods and techniques of relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation. It primarily aims to enable people to live in harmony with nature in cities by using natural living and alternative traditional medicines for holistic wellbeing.

We are sure that Mahesh Kumar Jogani will continue to serve mankind through his philanthropic activities even beyond the pandemic. Website- www.joganireinforcement.com


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