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Mission Zero Malaria: Mortein’s new initiative to combat malaria

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‘Mission Zero Malaria’ was introduced in Bareilly by Reckitt’s home pesticide Mortein with assistance from the Uttar Pradesh government. With Malaria No More as an implementation partner, Mission Zero Malaria has been launched in line with India’s ambition to eradicate malaria by 2030. Its goal is to raise public awareness of health issues and encourage the community, the region’s health system, and the government to adopt desired behaviour changes.

Reckitt and Malaria No More are working together to raise awareness of malaria and dengue in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, promote preventative measures, and enhance treatment seeking and compliance measures. They want to lessen the impact of illnesses spread by mosquitoes in India by working together.

According to the World Health Organisation, India accounts for 82.5 percent of malaria cases in South-East Asia, accounting for the majority of the malaria burden. In 2019, only two districts in Uttar Pradesh accounted for 70% of officially reported malaria cases: Bareilly and Budaun. In recent years, Bareilly has seen unexpected and inexplicable epidemics of malaria and dengue.

Due to the persistent increase in Malaria cases in the Bareilly district, the Uttar Pradesh government made a number of initiatives to reduce the risk and assist individuals suffering from vector-borne infections. However, the private and public sectors complement one another and contribute to the system’s strength.

In order to eradicate and control malaria in Bareilly, Mortein and Malaria No More will contribute to the delivery of healthcare to the targeted beneficiaries. The cooperation will make sure that money is invested, that people have access to technology, and that innovations are used to reduce the impact of malaria in the area.

Mortein strives to meet the demands of its customers by providing creative solutions and promoting long-lasting behavioural change. The mission of Mission Zero Malaria is to leave no one behind.

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