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Man Murders GF By Drowning Her In Bucket Of Water, Wife Helps Him Dump Her Body

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On Tuesday, Mumbai police arrested a graphic designer and his wife on the charges of killing a woman and dumping her body in Valsad, Gujarat. The name of the 34 years old graphic designer is Manohar Shukla and his wife’s name is Purnima. The deceased is Naina Mahat who was a hair stylist by profession and has worked in some movie projects as well.

As per the reports, Manohar and Naina were neighbours in Vasai in the year 2013 and at that time, a love relationship started between them. Surprisingly, despite being in a relationship with Naina, Manohar got married to Purnima in 2018 but he continued his affair with Naina too.

In the early part of 2019, Purnima came to know about the affair of Naina and Manohar and she confronted both of them. Things turned uglier when Naina filed two cases of rape and assault against Manohar in the same year.

In mid-August 2023, Naina’s sister filed a missing complaint of Naina and as per the CCTV clips, it was found that Manohar entered her apartment on 9 August 2023 where Naina used to live alone. Naina was not seen leaving the building ever again but Manohar came twice that day. At 9:45 pm, Manohar came with his wife and 2 years old daughter and then after some time, they were seen leaving the building with a trolley bag.

Manohar has confessed to murdering Naina, he told that at around 10 am, they both had a fight as Naina was angry with Manohar for marrying Purnima despite being in a relationship with her. Manohar stated that Naina threatened him to commit s*icide and also refused to take back the cases that she had filed against him.

Manohar got so angry that he pulled Naina by the hair, drowned her in the bucket full of water. When Naina was still, he laid on her bed and went to the office. Manohar revealed that he took the body on scooter and dumped it at a distance of 150 km in Valsad. Mumbai police contacted the Valsad police and they admitted that a body was found some time back and then the body was identified based on the tattoo which Naina had.

However, Mumbai police will still match the DNA for confirmation and it will also investigate whether it was a planned murder in which Purnima was a partner or not.

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