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Man Plans Fake Kidnapping To Make His Proposal Special For Girlfriend

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There is no denying the fact that proposing the person whom you love is not an easy thing because first a person is afraid of hearing “No” in reply and secondly, making this moment special is quite important and a person gets confused while thinking about the ways to make the moment special. However, a man chose to carry out fake kidnapping of his girlfriend for proposing her.

We are talking about the Australian guy Adam Rizk who decided to propose his girlfriend Vanessa Moujalli but in a controversial manner. A video has been shared on the video platform TikTok in which Vanessa and her sister are pulled out of a car by armed men, Vanessa is screaming, she is blindfolded and then she is made to sit in another car. Later on when she is taken out of the vehicle, music starts playing and when the cloth from eyes is removed, she sees her boyfriend standing with flowers in his hands which made her understand the whole scenario.

Vanessa’s sister knew everything about it as Adam used to say that he would propose Vanessa in a scary manner. Vanessa’s sister said that it took 3 months in planning it and her family joined Adam in order to help him in proposing Vanessa when she came to Lebanon to meet her family.

Here is the video:

Vanessa said ‘Yes’ even after going through a traumatizing experience!

What would have been your reaction if your boyfriend or girlfriend proposes you in this manner? Let us know.

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