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Man Plays Titanic Song On Plane While Kate Winslet Is Sitting Next To Him

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Are you a music lover who loves to hear music with airpods on, well from the next time if you are listening to music in a public place, then you should be careful otherwise you may also feel embarrassed just like this person Chris Olsen who is a content creator by profession.

Chris Olsen’s embarrassing moment happened when he was on a flight from Cannes to London. Can you believe he was not able to recognize the beautiful Hollywood actress Kate Winslet?

Chris posted a video on Youtube with the title in all capital letters, “KATE IF YOU SEE THIS IM SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW”.

In the video, Chris says that he needs to be more aware of his surroundings and then he is told that his seat was in the third row but for some reason, he sat in the second row and there was a woman on the window with a seat empty in between them.

He started listening to music but he didn’t realize that his airpods were not connected. He said, “What I don’t realise is that my AirPods are not yet connected so Celine starts playing out loud. I’m just kind of skipping through her top hits at this moment like It’s All Coming Back to Me Now plays for a second, I Surrender plays for a second, My Heart Will Go On plays for a little bit and this is all happening out loud but I don’t realise it.”

Soon a flight attendant came to him and asked about his seat number and told him that he was sitting in the wrong row. He stood up to shift , apologized to the woman but then he felt that she looked kind of familiar and he also saw a script in her bag.

Chris took a side photo of that woman and searched for the image, it was then he realized that he was sitting next to the Oscar winner Kate Winslet and he played the song of her movie Titanic, “My Heart will go on” while sitting next to her.

As Kate Winslet may not have taken it in a good spirit, Chris Olsen posted the video:

Now this was quite funny and embarrassing as well.

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