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Man Slits Friend’s Throat & Drinks Blood, Reason Will Shock You

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Human beings are undoubtedly becoming devils in the modern world as we come across many spine chilling crimes committed by people on a daily basis.

A horrific incident took place in Chintamani taluk of Siddepalli, Karnataka, in which a person not only slit the throat of his friend but also drank the spilt blood.

As per the reports, Vijay was not happy with his friend Maresh as the latter was getting too close to the former’s wife. Vijay warned Maresh to stay away from his wife many times but he was not paying any heed to the warnings. 

Vijay thought of a way to get rid of Maresh and a few days back, Vijay along with his cousin John Babu took Maresh to a farm for showing the crop but there Vijay tried to slit the throat of Maresh and he also drank his split blood. The whole incident was shot on camera by John Babu; luckily for Maresh, he escaped and was admitted in a hospital. 

The police have already arrested Vijay and are looking for John Babu but the big question is how can a human being drink another human being’s blood?


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