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Manisha Koirala’s Inspiring Journey: From Battling Cancer to Starring in SLB’s ‘Heeramandi’

The well-known Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has been making waves due to her portrayal of the courtesan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Heeramandi. Although Manisha has once again enchanted the Indian public, not many are aware of her path. Since receiving her cancer diagnosis, she has experienced a lot. Manisha never gave up on life, which is one of the reasons she is back in the industry and using her acting talent to win over new fans.

Who is a Manisha Koirala?
On August 16, 1970, in Biratnagar, Nepal, Manisha Koirala was born. She comes from a political family—her father, Prakash Koirala, was a cabinet minister and politician. However, Sushma, her mother, stayed at home to take care of the family. The first elected prime minister of Nepal was Bishweshawar Prasad Koirala, her grandfather. However, few people are aware that Manisha lived with her maternal grandmother in Varanasi during her childhood.

Manisha Koirala’s movie career
Manisha’s family wasn’t thrilled with her choice to pursue a career in film, so her path wasn’t simple. However, her grandma Sushila supported her and urged her to give it her all. Manisha’s career as a model thereafter began, paving the way for her entrance into Bollywood. In 1991, Manisha Koirala made her screen debut in Subhash Ghai’s Saudagar. She became well-known in the Hindi cinema business right away. She quickly made a name for herself in movies like Criminal and 1942: A Love Story. She has completed over 100 films throughout her thirty years in the business.

When Manisha Koirala received her cancer diagnosis
Manisha’s world fell apart in 2012 when she received a stage IV ovarian cancer diagnosis. When Manisha learned the news, she was in total shock and was in Kathmandu, Nepal. However, it wasn’t shocking because her family had a history of cancer sufferers.

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Manisha Koirala disclosed that a healer had told her that “she was angry with her ovaries.”

Manisha once shared in an interview that she was informed an odd thing about her ovaries by a Maori healer in Mumbai. Manisha recalled the experience as the healer simply sensed her energy and said, “You should send loving energies to your ovaries because you are very angry with them.” The healer did not even touch her body, according to Manisha. Manisha speculated that it might be because she sought IVF therapy after getting married but was unable to conceive, and when she gave up on the procedure, she might have lost her temper.

Manisha Koirala remembered going bald following her treatment for cancer.
Although it wasn’t an easy road to rehabilitation, Manisha fought hard for her health. Manisha once admitted to having hair loss in an interview with the IANS, but she wasn’t sure how it had affected her appearance. Her family supported her, though, and once she was cancer-free, she was psychologically ready to face everything. The actress said that she lost her lashes, eyebrows, and hair as a result of chemotherapy. She would feel foreign every time she looked in the mirror.

Heeramandi by Manisha Koirala
Right now, Manisha is making waves with her appearance in the Netflix web series Heeramandi, which is helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, as “Mallikajaan.” Manisha has never portrayed a character quite like this one, and Sanjay, the director, made it possible by meticulously handling every part. Manisha recently disclosed that she has been waiting for a call from SLB for 28 years.

Manisha has had numerous challenges in her life, but she has overcome each one!

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