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Marine Collagen Protein Powder has both Medicinal and Cosmetic benefits

Whether you are looking to enhance your beauty or in search of an anti-ageing product, Marine collagen protein powder is a perfect choice. 

What is Marine collagen? 

Marine or fish collagen is 100 per cent natural protein that is extracted from the fish scales. The product contains various types of amino acids.

Collagen is a protein present in our body. it is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. With time our body produces less collagen thereby leading to problems related to ageing, joint pain, weak muscles etc.

Marine collagen protein powder is the perfect solution for all the above-listed problems.

Advantages of having Marine collagen protein powder

Marine collagen is easily absorbed due to its low molecular weight and is very effective. It provides energy, sound sleep, better heeling and better digestion. The other outstanding features of this product are:

• It is antibiotic-free and sugar-free. 

• It helps to replenish and rejuvenate the skin by reduces the peeling and irritation of the skin, wrinkles near eyes, pigmentation, spots and moles, post-shave irritation, mild allergy and atopic dermatitis and post-operative wounds. 

• The skin becomes elastic, lighter and there is a healthy glow to hair and nails. 

• The joints become more flexible and this makes exercise easier. The reason why most experts recommend this Marine collagen protein powder for backache, pain in the joints as well as shoulder muscles. 

• The gums are firmer and stronger.

Hence Marine collagen protein powder supports the overall growth of our body. Its nutritional value leads to its anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle properties, and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a complete health solution (best for 25 to 35 years olds as the body loses 1.5 percent collagen/year during this period).

Amar aquatic is the producing such type of high-quality marine collagen. 

About the Company – Amar Aquatic

Amar Aquatic is among the three-unit of Amar Polyfils Pvt Ltd. (an ISO 9001-2008 certified company). Amar Polyfils Pvt ltd is flourishing under a Gujarat based organization of Amar group. The group have already stamped their presence in the fishing, health and poultry industries.

Founded in 2008, today Amar Aquatic are the top manufacturer of marine collagen protein powder (peptide), beauty cop powder, orthocop powder, & in India. The company is situated at Porbandar, Gujarat, India. It has a strong presence in the global market for its products.  Using advanced technology, all their final goods go through strict checking to meet the global standards the brand’s USP is the remarkably effective marine collagen. 

The company’s current focus is on expanding the marine collagen unit, which has received a tremendous response from all over the globe, by doubling its manufacturing capacity.

For more information visit our site – www.amaraquatic.in


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