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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Maritime Disaster: Visakhapatnam Fishing Hub Loses 23 Boats in Tragic Blaze

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Last night, a major fire at a harbour in Visakhapatnam reduced about twenty-three fishing boats to ashes. The startling occurrence is thought to have cost ₹ 30 crores.

Fishermen believe that some crooks set fire to the boats. There’s also a possibility that a boat party set off the fire.

Unsettling images captured from the port showed firefighters attempting to put out the fire as fisherman looked on helplessly as their livelihood was destroyed by the fire.

Panic ensued as a result of blasts in a few of the boats, which were presumably brought on by the fire spreading to the fuel tanks.

Ananda Reddy, a senior police officer, reported that the fire started around 11:30 p.m. “We are requesting that people avoid the area since cylinders aboard boats are generating explosions. To contain the fire, fire engines are at work,” he stated. “It is still unknown what started the fire. There have been no recorded casualties. An inquiry has been started and a case has been filed,” he continued.

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