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“Mary Kom to Kapil Sharma: ‘Bus Kar…’ After Getting Annoyed on His Show”

It appears that Mary Kom took exception at The Great Indian Kapil Show’s repeated jokes about irate boxers. On Saturday night’s program, the boxing champion was spotted alongside Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza. Throughout the Netflix program, Kapil Sharma made jokes about Saina’s badminton game, Sania’s gold medals, and frequently brought up the topic of furious boxers. Mary once admitted that the jokes were starting to irritate her.

The incident started when Mary and Kapil discussed the mouth guards that boxers frequently use. “Mary, I watch boxing in movies, and before the fight, the coach puts a denture guard in the boxer’s mouth. “Why does every boxer chew pan before boxing?” was a question I used to have. I learned about this really late,” he remarked.

Kapil noticed a shift in Mary’s expression and could tell she was becoming angry. Mary became irritated, so Kapil asked her to “not be angry.” “No, I’m not furious; I’ve never been angry, but you’re making me angry right now. You’ve been dragging me down,” she remarked. Kapil attempted to calm her down as Archana made fun of her by stating, “Show him how angry you can be, Mary.”

“We protect our teeth by wearing the guard. It’s not just for boxing; ice hockey also uses it. However, you just brought up boxing,” she remarked. With a swift “Maaf karo,” Kapil concluded, leaving everyone stunned. She clenches her teeth as she looks at me during our conversation. “I wonder if she’s upset with me,” he answered in response to Mary’s question, “Aise kyun.” But Kapil interrupted her and clarified, saying, “No, I’m just kidding.” Are you kidding? Then okay,” Mary remarked, chuckling at his antics. “This is my butter and bread.” Don’t lose your temper,” admitted Kapil.

Aside from this one instance, Mary seemed to be enjoying herself during the show. She was observed revealing specifics about her journey and laughing heartily at several jokes.

Mary disclosed that a friend and a member of her family had joined her on the show during the episode. She asked him if they could take a selfie with Kapil after introducing them to him. The comic said he would snap the pictures after the show was filmed, and he instantly complied.

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