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Meet Aakarsh Shamanur whose venture Be Po-Lite empowered women street vendors

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Bengaluru’s social entrepreneur, Aakarsh Shamanur,  launched crowdfunded venture, Be Po-Lite for women street vendors. His solar-powered lamps help them sell their produce before dark.

Women street sellers in India frequently face at least two pressures: the first is to sell their product at a reasonable price, and the second is to do so before it becomes dark. The latter is due to the fact that once night falls, many shoppers become concerned about purchasing fruits and vegetables.

When Aakarsh Shamanur, a social entrepreneur from Bengaluru, realised this, he resolved to make a long-term difference. Thus began his search for a way to assist these women street merchants.

In 2017, this architect with a Masters degree in Urban Management and Development launched his company ‘Be Po-Lite,’ which specialises in the creation of solar-powered lighting.

This was his method of reaching out to these sellers and assisting them in getting through the night. The 3W portable lamps lighted up the women’s houses and helped their children study in the dark, in addition to providing a beam of light and allowing them to work even after dark.

In addition, the lamp can be used to charge phones, making it a multi-purpose gadget. Aakarsh claims that adopting to this technology may save a merchant Rs 1,200 each month.

“The light may last up to ten hours and charges in five to six hours. It’s been tailored to the demands of suppliers,” he explained.

Aakarsh has a simple desire of wanting to take this concept beyond Bengaluru, Hubballi, and Hiriyur, where he has already begun, and reach out to women street sellers across India.

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