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Meet Alexandra Fasulo who earns crores of rupees just like a celebrity

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You don’t have to be a celebrity any more to earn crores of rupees. Here’s the amazing story of Alexandra Fasulo who earns crores of rupees just like a celebrity.

A 29-year-old woman makes crores of rupees every year by working in six different fields at the same time. Alexandra Fasulo made almost Rs 3 crore last year via freelance writing, influencer sponsorship, ebook sales, course sales, ad income, and affiliate money. She has also purchased three residences at an early age.

Alexandra Fasulo has also spoken publicly about her media experiences. She has stated that she made more than two crores in 2018 through freelance writing and other services on Fiverr. She also writes blogs, press releases, and website material for businesses.

Alexandra Fasulo is also a frequent Instagram user. She has almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram.Alexandra Fasulo describes herself as a Freelance Fairy.  She also believes that 9 to 5 employment should be abandoned in order to achieve financial independence. She has also established a podcast, Freelance Fairytales.

Fasulo stated, “I won’t always be able to earn this much money. That is why I place a greater emphasis on saving and investing. In my native state of Florida, I own three properties. Whose overall worth exceeds 9 crores. However, I continue to save a significant portion of my wages in order to pursue my objectives.”

She also discussed the five ways she saves money-

1. Clothes and Handbags- I love to do my fashion shopping at low-cost stores. As a result, the cost of luxury clothing is cut even further.

2. Discounted flights- I also utilize several credit cards.  I use it to earn reward points, which I then use to buy inexpensive airplane tickets and rental cars.

3. Rent- I purchased my first home in March of 2021. Following that, in October, I purchased an investment home in Miami. Then there’s another one in March 2022. I save a lot of money with the money I earn from rent.

4. Happy hour drinks- I prefer to get up early in the morning. That’s why happy hours work so well for me. During this time, excellent savings from eating and drinking become significant.

5. Uber Trip- I don’t use Uber for trips that are less than 4-5 kilometers long. I prefer to walk this distance to get some workout.

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