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Meet Aniket Kakde who runs Anfosys a startup for students, farmers and villagers at the age of 17

A social entrepreneur is someone who develops unique ideas into applications with the potential to solve community-based challenges. These people are willing to take the risk and make the effort to make a positive difference in society through the work they do.  As a growing economy, India needs social entrepreneurs who can provide innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions to the country’s many social and environmental problems. Usually, we want the government or business people to solve such problems. But, social entrepreneurs don’t take things lying and create solutions to these problems as they believe it is their responsibility to solve them. Meet Aniket Prashant Kakde, a young social entrepreneur who at the age of just 17 runs a startup, Anfosys. Aniket founded the organization to nurture creativity and innovation among children. Anfosys also works for the betterment of farmers, as it is based in Maharashtra, a leading state in agriculture.

Aniket understands the need to raise awareness of technology among students from an early age. He believes that farmers need to use technology on their farms to increase production.

According to Aniket, rural people are innovative and creative and this hidden talent must get global exposure. All this led Aniket to establish Anfosys, which works for students, farmers, and villagers.

Aniket, who is engaged in activities related to social innovations, right from his childhood, established Anfosys on May 26, 2017, when he was just 12 years old. The organization is registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, (MSME) Government of India and works in the fields of education, agriculture, technology, and innovation.

Anfosys aims to create awareness about innovation and technology among students, farmers, and villagers to provide a platform for their grassroot innovations. It is involved in many activities for school students, who are normally engaged in academic activities but are unaware of changing technological advances. So far, the organization has conducted a vast range of activities and competitions to boost the creativity and innovation of the students, including In-Space Contest, Innovative Interview Competition, Malnutrition Quiz / App development Competition, Seminars, and Awareness Camps. As part of a key activity called SHODH YATRA, Anfosys reaches out to most rural areas and tries to discover the problems and innovations of villagers. This is also a journey that aims to interact with traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations. This also develops SAMVEDNA (or empathy) among the students.

Anfosys has also developed some projects to solve India’s social and environmental problems. These projects include:


In India, farmers spray chemicals manually which causes many diseases and even death too. To save the life of farmers Anfosys developed Agroyaan, a mobile/remote-controlled device (vehicle), used to spray insecticides, and pesticides on crops.

A patent has been published for this project.


Apart from being the founder of Anfosys, Aniket provides several technology-related services like Graphic Design, Logo Design, and Video Editing. He has a vast range of soft skills, including Video Editing (Adobe), Photography, HTML, CSS, MS-Word, Adobe Dreamweaver, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, Word Press, Arduino, Bootstrap, PHP, MSQL, Mobile App Development,  and Graphic Designing.

Aniket Kakde has a long list of academic and sports-related achievements to his credit. He has won a vast range of awards, including the following three:

1) India Book of Record as the country’s youngest entrepreneur in 2019.

2) Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Ignited Minds Award for Innovation and Creativity 2020.

3) Change-Maker Award 2021

Aniket’s goal in life at present is to become a social entrepreneur and work for the betterment of India.

He also plans to start an Innovation Space and Astronomy Centre (ISAAC) for Rural students to create awareness about Space and Astronomy. Contributions are welcome for the same to rise the start up.


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