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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Meet Emmett Shear: ChatGPT maker OpenAI’s new CEO

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ChatGPT maker OpenAI’s new CEO, Emmett Shear, has experience developing and scaling big technological organizations. Shear will lead OpenAI’s safe and useful AI development initiatives…

OpenAI, a nonprofit researching safe artificial general intelligence (AGI), named Emmett Shear its CEO. Shear was Twitch’s CEO when Amazon bought company in 2014.

Shear brings extensive experience creating and scaling significant tech firms to OpenAI. His contributions helped Twitch develop from a startup to a global sensation with 150 million subscribers. He has also stressed the significance of responsible AI development and using AI for good.

Shear will lead OpenAI’s safe and useful AGI development. He will also manage the company’s R&D and relationships.

“Emmett is a visionary leader with a deep understanding of technology and a strong commitment to responsible AI development,” stated OpenAI Board Chair Sam Altman. “I am confident he will lead OpenAI into a new era of innovation and success.”

He was honored to become OpenAI CEO, Shear remarked. He said “OpenAI is at the forefront of one of the most important and exciting fields of research today”. “I am committed to working with the team to develop safe and beneficial AGI for humanity.”

OpenAI faces significant promise and challenge with Shear’s hiring. The corporation has made tremendous progress in producing AGI, but it faces key problems in guaranteeing its good use. OpenAI will need Shear’s leadership and knowledge to overcome these obstacles.


OpenAI, a nonprofit research corporation, named Emmett Shear CEO. Shear, the former CEO of Twitch, which Amazon acquired in 2014, brings vast expertise creating and scaling big Internet firms to OpenAI. He stresses the significance of responsible AI development and good AI application. Shear will manage OpenAI’s research and development, partnerships, and AI safety and benefit efforts.

OpenAI Board Chair Sam Altman lauded Shear’s vision and responsible AI development. Shear stated his honor to be named OpenAI CEO and his commitment to working with the team to produce safe and helpful AI for humanity. OpenAI’s AI development has promise and problems, and Shear’s knowledge and leadership will help it succeed.

Nitin Gohil
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