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Engineer Ayush Wadhwa who earns crores via his video startup Owled Media

Ayush Wadhwa created a creative tech agency and video content production business that assists clients with video production, advertising and augmented reality (AR), design, and social media. Ayush
launched Owled Media with the money he saved from freelancing jobs.
Ayush Wadhwa, who is from a tiny hamlet in Haryana, has always had huge dreams. He discovered his
passion in technology and video content development at an early age and was motivated to pursue a
career doing what he enjoyed. With a technical blog and a YouTube channel, he entered the world of
content production at the age of 13.
Ayush currently owns Owled Media, a creative tech agency and video content production business that
assists various brands with video production, advertising and augmented reality, design, and social
Owled Media, a well-known company in the digital content development market, recorded crores in
sales within a year of its inception in 2020. But the road to realising his aspirations and being wealthy
was not simple for Ayush.
Ayush discusses his career triumph after being “lost in his life” in a recent LinkedIn article.
Though the essay discussed his career, it ascribed his success to Ankur Warikoo, a well-known serial
entrepreneur, author, and public speaker.
The essay opens with a narrative about how the mentor-mentee connection began with a frigid email he
wrote at 4 a.m.
“I felt directionless – a jack of many crafts but master of none,” writes the BITS Pilani engineering
Ayush recalls a period when his first agency folded and freelance opportunities were few. Despite
undertaking a lot of effort, such as editing films, filming, selling information items, and delivering
seminars, he claims that none of it panned out.
He felt the need for a mentor and realised that Ankur was the best person for the job.
His email to Ankur was a proposition to add value to his job by assisting him with his strengths.
Ankur responded quickly, within a few hours. Ayush finally secured his first customer after a few
negotiations and a Zoom call.
“An agreement was reached to create all of his courses for him.”
At the time, the project was rather large for me!” “I’ve worked with performers that take a whole day to
shoot a 5-minute video,” he continues.

But here was this man, so professional, upbeat, and encouraging that he could record a 60-minute
course in 75-80 minutes.”
He also remembered Ankur telling him once, “Your zeal for your skills moves me.” Ayush wrote that was
statement, which gave direction to his life.
He goes on to talk about the times he had lunch with Ankur and how those six to seven days of working
with him provided him all the inspiration he needed in life.
He closes the email by stating that his experience with Ankur gave him the confidence to approach and
close partnerships with major companies such as CRED and Unacademy.
Ayush launched Owled Media fully on his own with his funds from freelancing jobs. They have so far
collaborated with over 30 businesses and produced over 100 films.
Ayush added, “We provide everything, from shooting, editing, sound design, and animations for the
initial batch of client films and AR libraries to creating the website and business development to attract
the finest brands on board. It’s been a strange trip without any prior relationships.”


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