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Meet James Siminoff: The rejected Shark Tank player whose story is now viral

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The story of Rings inventor James Siminoff has become popular on social media. He was rejected by sharks as a contestant, but after 5 years he was asked back as a guest shark on the same show!Check out his success story and journey here.

James Siminoff realised his vision and became the inventor of the world’s first Wi-Fi video doorbell. According to reports, the idea occurred to him when he was working in his garage. While he was in his garage, he devised a ring to see if there was a delivery person at the front door. He appeared as one of the contestants in Shark Tank 2013, after naming his start up as Doorbot.

He pitched the startup as a company that makes a doorbell with a camera that sends footage to consumers’ smartphones. The Sharks had first shown interest but did not make any offers to him. A Shark said he believed it’s a terrific business. He told  James he will be successful.

But, the shark also said, “It will be valued at $20 million. I just cannot invest in something that will not be worth $70 million eventually.”

 James was invited as Guest shark on the same show, five years after being rejected.

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