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Meet Madan Gowri a YouTube star with 64+ lac subscribers and focus on social issues

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Madan Gowri discusses social issues through his Youtube channel. Here’s the inspiring story of the Youtube star who has over 64 lakh subscribers.

Madan Gowri was born into a household that lived by the famous Three Idiots line, “Humara Ladka Engineer Banega.” As he grew older, Madan was constantly aware of what he needed to accomplish. However, the journey of his life took an unexpected turn since Madan Gowri is not where his family anticipated him to be. But, given his current status, they wouldn’t have expected anything less. Madan is a Youtuber with over 64 lakh subscribers and a focus on social issues. Despite the fact that the bulk of his videos are in Tamil, language was never an issue for him.

While watching television, the small boy told his mother this. He was always attracted by the glitter of the television industry.

Madan was refused participation in extracurricular activities at school. His inability to articulate himself upset him. To make matters worse, he didn’t have internet connection until he was 16 years old. He’d always been a shy, thin boy who was often overlooked by the throng and audience.

He was introduced to a whole new world of marvels and fascinations via a home cable connection.

“I was shocked to see how individuals could express themselves without fear of rejection online!”

Madan, on the other hand, was grinding his way for his ‘own thing’ while learning about working to see how the internet operated. Madan Gowri’s “own thing” was studying engineering.

“I wasn’t interested in engineering, but Amma and Appa insisted, “Get a job that gives you stability! So I finished an MBA for both of them and got a job!” In 2016, a video of a girl being murdered in broad daylight rocked Madan, and he kept wondering, “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?” That’s when he decided to speak out about the case, despite his reservations about “why would anyone watch this?”

But he decided to give it a fair shot. Surprisingly, it surpassed 10,000 views! ‘We had no idea!’ cried friends.

Madan says, “I’ve prepared myself to deal with a lot more stories like this! So I worked all day, researched all day, and began editing movies in the evenings while discussing everything that was going on in the country. Initially, I intended to make videos in both English and Tamil. I was able to contact more individuals by using my home tongue. My work gradually gained a following, and within a year I had surpassed a million subscribers; I couldn’t believe it! I recall generating more money from content production than that from my work in two years! So I gave up and started full-time with it.” He would conduct research, film videos, and even edit them!”

When his popularity climbed and more people viewed his videos, it was time to celebrate and be proud. Today, he has created a community of over 6 million people that is rapidly expanding!

“It’s difficult to comprehend that so many people pay attention to me!” If you had told me as an engineering student that I would be a full-time YouTuber, I would have laughed and said, “That’s impossible!”

But that’s what he enjoys most about life: nothing is impossible! His Amma and Appa are overjoyed with him today! But, being the traditional Amma and Appa, they insist on Madan getting a job as a backup plan. Madan Gowri’s work focuses on social concerns while also teaching his audience on facts and history.

He has been recognised as the South’s most popular YouTuber, with topics ranging from homosexuality to prostitution.

In addition to generating material, he is actively interested in assisting and supporting people through contributions. During the second wave, he and his YouTube producers collaborated to acquire cash and set up an oxygen plant in a government hospital. Madan and other celebs also took part in YouTube India’s COVID awareness immunisation session.

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